Dionysus Kebab House

Dionysus’ chips make every other interpretation of ‘hand-cut’ look and taste like they’ve been made by a pug using a slotted spoon. These babies, these are angular. Sharp and crispy on the ends and straight down the middle—plus fluffy and, remarkably, full of potato-tasting potato inside. In fact, most things at this excellent Greek spot are a cut above the rest. The pittas are generously filled and the perfectly charcoal-cooked souvlaki is an always-satisfying lunch or dinner. For those of a certain generation, Dionysus was a legendary West End spot in the ‘70s. It's since moved north and is an everyday go-to in Southgate for those working nearby or locals swinging by on the way home. There are a couple of tables and a counter if you fancy eating in, but it's mainly a takeaway for Greek feast dinners.

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photo credit: Giulia Verdinelli

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