L’Patron in Logan Square is a BYOB Mexican spot that has expanded from a takeout operation to a slightly larger counter-service spot with enough tables to sit at while you eat tacos and drink the beers you brought along.

What L’Patron does best is tacos. Carne asada is our favorite, but even the vegetarian poblana rojas are delicious. Come to think of it, so is the pescado and spicy camaron a la diabla. In fact, you might as well get one of each.

We should also mention the house special Gringa and Gringo - a sort of gordita and taco hybrid made with thick handmade tortillas. They’re a little bigger and cheesier, and make a filling meal if you get a side of rice and beans. You can skip the burritos and tortas— L’Patron skimps out on the fillings in both.

The tacos, however, are good, and it’s reason enough to know about L’Patron.

Food Rundown

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Gringa or Gringo

These house specials are something you’ve never had before, but they aren’t going to change your life. The Gringa is stuffed with marinated pork, caramelized onions, pineapple, and chihuahua cheese, while the Gringo comes with skirt steak instead of pork. At least one of the two is worth giving a try so you can experiment for yourself.


L’Patron’s tacos are what keep us interested. Carne asada is our favorite, but we still like to get a mix. The al pastor, pollo adobado, and lomo encebollado are our favorite meats, but the fish and veggie tacos are tasty too. Give the poblano rajas or the pescado tacos a try.


You need a side of this elote. Options include the standard on the cob version, or they will cut it up and make you a substantial sized bowl. The only question is do you want to look civilized or barbaric, because either version tastes the same.


Our biggest complaint on the burritos is they aren’t exactly full. The meat and veggie to tortilla ratio is not the best we’ve seen.


We have similar feelings on the tortas as we do on the burittos in the bread department. Bread dominates the flavor and not enough of the ingredients come through.

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