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Pizza in West Seattle

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  • Kids
  • Outdoor/Patio Situation
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Serious Take-Out Operation

You’re probably wondering if a box of pizza is worth Moto’s two-month waitlist. It’s a fair question with a simple answer: Yes. This tiny house in West Seattle that happens to look like the one from Up does just two things, but executes them extremely well: thick, rectangular Detroit-style pies and flavor-twisted soft serve piped inside cinnamon-dusted Transylvanian pastry cones. You’ll find pizzas here made with a 100-year-old sourdough starter (her name is Betty), and topped with everything from Filipino pork belly, sausage, and calamansi lime sauce to deconstructed clam chowder ingredients. It’s all excellent, down to every last crunch of crispy pepperoni edge and frizzled cheese laced along the crust’s hulking walls. Yeah, the moon will orbit Earth two times before you get to eat this, but that suspense only makes the pizza and ice cream even better. Even if you have to eat in your car or while sitting on the curb.

Moto review image

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