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The Best San Francisco Restaurants For Date Night

Date night can be tough. But we have lots of ideas.

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Maybe you and your significant other need to make appointments for date night, and are organized enough to get reservations weeks in advance. Maybe the dishwasher is just broken, and you figure it’s a good enough excuse to be romantic.

However much planning you like (or don’t like) to do, date night should be fun, at least a little bit special, and not too stuffy - because it’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself when the food is stupidly expensive or the waiters sneer at your pronunciation of Beaujolais. (We pronounce it “That one” - points finger at wine list.) Here are our picks for the best date night spots in SF.


Krescent Carasso


$$$$ 620 Gough St

Sushi date night doesn’t have to mean ordering in and trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the world’s latest binge-watch obsession while eating out of plastic containers. It also doesn’t have to mean spending all your money on 10 pieces of fish. Robin, in Hayes, is definitely upscale but won’t cost you a month’s rent. The least expensive omakase here is $79, and absolutely worth it - or you can go a la carte. There’s a long sake list, and the low-key ambience makes this a great choice for a date night that feels effortless and cool.

Uma Casa

$$$$ 1550 Church St

Uma Casa feels like a vacation from the city. It’s a neighborhood Portuguese spot with the ambience of something you might find in Lisbon, even though it’s actually in Noe, and it’s definitely a step up from most of the other options nearby. The seafood-heavy menu here is good for sharing - we particularly like the octopus and the gambas.

The Brazen Head

$$$$ 3166 Buchanan St

This very dark, very old-school Cow Hollow spot has strong cocktails and quality French-American food. It’s basically the exact opposite of a place with mantras on the wall in neon lights and deconstructed avocado toasts on the menu. It’s more like a trip back in time to old San Francisco, and if you enjoy classic dishes like escargot and filet mignon, and/or not seeing anyone else you know, you won’t be disappointed.

Krescent Carasso

Leo's Oyster Bar

$$$$ 568 Sacramento St

If someone suggests FiDi for date night, you might assume it signals strong workaholic tendencies. But come to Leo’s Oyster Bar once and throw that potential red flag out the window. This place is colorful and very attractive, in a fancy-’80s-banker-throwback kind of way, and the seafood on the menu holds up. Just know in advance that it’s pretty pricey. Start with some oysters, and go from there.

Petit Crenn

$$$$ 609 Hayes St

This little restaurant in Hayes is a top contender for best date night in the city, provided you’re willing to do some planning several weeks in advance. You’re here for a five-course, $95 (tip included) French-inspired dinner that is guaranteed to impress your date, as long as said date eats seafood. The dishes you’ll have here, like grilled trout, might sound a bit basic - until they get to your table and you realize they’re incredible. As a plus, all the food here is relatively light, so your night won’t be cut short with a butter-induced coma.


$$$$ 3011 Steiner St.

Minimal lighting and top-notch Mediterranean food can be counted on to make an evening more romantic. Throw in a lot of wine and good service and we are fully sold. Terzo is consistently underrated and hence consistently easy to get into. Keep it in the rotation for spontaneous date nights. Also, get the hummus.

Krescent Carasso

The Alembic

American  in  Haight
$$$$ 1725 Haight St

It’s a bar, yes, but The Alembic serves some incredible food as well. The cocktails are strong and delicious, and the food is way better than your average bar wings and sliders. Sit in one of the leather booths and order some house ricotta or jerk spiced duck hearts. If you’re both equally happy with that, you’re clearly soul mates.


$$$$ 1963 Sutter St

You’ve probably walked by Gardenias a million times and never noticed it. Now you know to keep an eye out. We like this French spot just off Fillmore in Lower Pac Heights for its very fresh-tasting dishes, made with more vegetables than your typical bistro food. The dark space feels a little like an old ship, and it’s a great, not-too-well-known spot to check out when you’re looking to drink a bottle of wine, catch up about your days, and eat like moderately health-conscious French people.


American  in  Sunset
$$$$ 4001 Judah St.

Outerlands is most likely a haul from where you live, but that just makes a date here even more of a special occasion. You may even feel, for a few short hours, like you’re on a romantic vacation somewhere near the beach. Most people know this place has a fantastic brunch, but coming at night is a great stealth move - it’s much less crowded, and the food is just as good. Just don’t go in thinking you’ll be avoiding carbs, because the bread is unreal.


American  in  Castro
$$$$ 3870 17th St.

Frances is great. We know this, you probably know this, and everyone else knows this, too. So when you have a date coming up in three weeks and have the time to strategize, keep this place in mind. Come here to feel like a grown-up while you eat some fantastic food like steak, and/or chickpea fries.


PizzaPastaItalian  in  Richmond
$$$$ 2339 Clement St

Fiorella brings a fresh (a.k.a., not designed in the 1970s) look and very good Italian food to the Richmond. If you live in the area, it’s one of the best places you can go for date night. Whether it’s an early-in-the-game situation or a mandated bi-weekly date to escape your children, Fiorella’s got you, and it’s also got some pretty amazing pasta/pizza. Don’t miss the cacio e pepe.

Krescent Carasso

Mister Jiu's

$$$$ 28 Waverly Pl.

Special occasion date nights require a little bit of planning. Like, making a reservation planning. Mister Jiu’s, on a side street in Chinatown, is absolutely worth a little preparation and then some. The modern Chinese food is exceptional - you can order a la carte or do a seven-dish, $69 tasting menu - and sparkly views out over the Financial District don’t hurt. If you’re the kind of person who likes to drop hints about where your partner should plan future dates, we endorse mentioning this place quite a bit.

Bar Crudo

SeafoodRaw Bar  in  Nopa
$$$$ 655 Divisadero St.

Lots of bar seats and lots of seafood is what you’re signing up for at Bar Crudo. Oysters, crudos, and some stellar uni toast should all be on your table. It’s dim and cool and always a good time. It’s a good first or fiftieth date night spot.

Virginia Mae Rollison

Foreign Cinema

American  in  Mission
$$$$ 2534 Mission St.

On a night when you’re looking for a relaxed place with excellent food and also maybe some fresh air, Foreign Cinema’s got you. It’s classic, it’s beautiful, and it’s in the heart of the Mission, which means you have plenty of options for post-dinner cocktails. It’s surprisingly not impossible to get reservations here, and you should take full advantage of that fact.


$$$$ 531 Jackson St.

When your heart says tasting menu at Flour & Water but your wallet says $5 foot long, Trestle is here for you as a healthy compromise. The under-$50 American prix fixe is affordable but still classy, and it’s a great spot to go with a date you want to spend a good chunk of time with.


$$$$ 490 Pacific Ave

For stellar Italian food in a low-lit room, Cotogna is an obvious choice. This place feels timeless - refined but not stuffy, energetic but not too loud, and consistently excellent when it comes to pasta, pizza, and meat dishes. If you can tear your eyes away from each other long enough to watch what’s going on in the kitchen, try to sit at the back bar and do that.

Akiko's Restaurant

$$$$ 431 Bush St.

Akiko’s Restaurant (not to be confused with Akiko’s Sushi around the corner) is one of the best sushi spots in town. The fish is phenomenal, and the small space is very sleek. Know in advance that this is going to be a pricey meal - but at least your money will be going toward some seriously high-quality food. The omakase experience, like a not-terrible date, is leisurely and full of surprises.


$$$$ 149 Fell St

At Cala, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to some kind of magical garden in Mexico City for the night. The food here is upscale but not pretentious - it’s all simple, fresh, and light-tasting. It’s easy to miss that there’s no beef, pork, or chicken anywhere on the menu, but that’s also a good thing to remember in case you’re looking for someplace to bring a vegetarian or pescatarian date.

A 16

PizzaWine BarItalian  in  Marina
$$$$ 2355 Chestnut St.

A 16 is neighborhood spot that everyone wishes was in their neighborhood, because it happens to be one of the best pizza/Italian food places in the city. If you’re Type A, make a reservation 30 days in advance. If you’re not, roll up to the bar, grab a glass of wine, and wait for some seats to open up. The seats in the back looking over the kitchen are our favorites. Party of two, a bottle of wine, and a pizza to share is a superb way to spend a night.

Del Popolo

PizzaItalian  in  Tendernob
$$$$ 855 Bush St

We love this space, with the bar overlooking the huge pizza oven, and we love the pizza itself even more. It’s a great spot for a date when you want to get dinner and hang but aren’t trying to pull out all the stops. If your date doesn’t like pizza, this is also a great weeding-out strategy.

Bar Agricole

AmericanBar FoodRaw Bar  in  Soma
$$$$ 355 11th St.

Keep Bar Agricole in your back pocket for a spontaneous date. Ran into someone on the street and fell head over heels? Drag them to Bar Agricole for some charcuterie. Need to spice up your life and not order delivery for the fifth time this week? Pop into Bar Agricole and get something that doesn’t come in a takeout container. The space is sleek and cool and has an awesome outdoor area, and the food is well-executed every time.


Spanish  in  Soma
$$$$ 888 Brannan St

Bellota is in a bit of a strange spot (in one of the AirBnB office buildings), but it’s absolutely worth the trip for their intensely good tapas and paella. All the Spanish small plates here are amazing, especially the vegetable ones, and there is a lot of good wine to be had as well. Take your time on the ordering, and post up at a corner table or the bar for a clear date night success.

Louie’s Gen-Gen Room

$$$$ 871 Sutter St

Yes, you are drinking in a basement, but no, you’re not back in high school. You’re right below one of our favorite spots in the city, Liholiho Yacht Club, and you’re in for great cocktails and interesting food, like savory waffles topped with bone marrow butter. Even though Louie’s is a bit easier to get into than Liholiho, you’ll still want a reservation. But if you can maintain a functioning relationship, you can most likely also use the internet to secure one of those.

Lazy Bear

$$$$ 3416 19th St

Go big or go home. Lazy Bear requires a lot of planning, but once you have it set, it’s a date night that will go down in the books. It’s a many, many course menu, at a communal table in a super-cool space. Yes, it will set you back some dollars, but it will also be one of the more fun dinners you’ll probably ever have. If you want to get super intimate and not socialize with anyone else, try to get seats at the end of the table.

Ignore the fact that everyone else here will likely be with a group of friends drinking too much wine. This place is great anyway, and it’s a good spot for a date. Especially if you and your significant other have an open relationship with cheese. The burrata and prosciutto are both spectacular.

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