Brazen Head

Brazen Head is probably the only place in town where you can roll in at 11pm, and gobble up perfectly charred NY pepper steak, some cheesy french onion soup, and marinara-drenched meatballs that are the comfort equivalent of Lenny Kravitz’s blanket-scarf. The Cow Hollow steakhouse has no signage out front and everything we want in a late-night spot that looks like an 1800s Scottish pub: paintings of bearded old men, velvet curtains, a dim red glow, sports bobbleheads for kitsch, and strong cocktails that pair well with stories that begin with, “Back in the day...” No wonder Brazen Head’s been firmly rooted here since 1980. 

Food Rundown

New York Strip Pepper Steak

Could this steak use more salt? Sure. But that shouldn’t deter you from passing on this perfectly cooked piece of meat with nicely charred edges and perfectly light jus. Buttery green beans and mashed potatoes complete this hearty dish.

Caesar Salad

This salad is roughly 50 percent shredded iceberg lettuce and 50 percent cream dressing, with some tiny croutons throughout. Unless you failed to meet your vegetable quota for the day, there’s no need for this.

Lobster Ravioli

Feel like gobbling down carbs and cream? You’ve zeroed in on the correct dish. These generously stuffed ravioli are drenched in thick herb sauce.

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photo credit: Brazen Head

French Onion Gratinee

We love this dish. Light yet flavorful broth, rich carmelized onions, and funky gruyere come together to create a cheesy, salty, and sweet moment.

Bread Pudding A La Mode

Looking for a way to saturate the blood in your veins with sugar and even more cream? End the night with this. The dense bread pudding is one of several on the long dessert menu that is actually made in-house.

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