Note: This location of Ursula is closed, but they've reopened in a larger location in Bed-Stuy.

New York City needs more breakfast burritos like late night TV needs more female hosts. So when The Awkward Scone in Bushwick closed and then reopened in Crown Heights as Ursula, we felt the whole range of human emotions before trying this New Mexican cafe. They offer chorizo, bacon, vegan, and vegetarian breakfast burritos, all of which come with either red or green New Mexican chile. But we have a hack for you: Ask for “Christmas,” which will get you both chile varieties, and respect from whoever is taking your order. If you’re there in the afternoon, try a stuffed sopapilla with pork or beef, and no matter what, add a side of chile. There are a few coveted benches outside, and we suggest eating right there for maximum enjoyment.

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