5 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In NYC Between September 21st - 27th guide image


5 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In NYC Between September 21st - 27th

Check out these restaurants, pop-ups, and special events all around NYC.

Summer is officially over, which means it’s time to make some big decisions. Are you going to keep your summer fling around? Should you wear your glasses more often to appear more serious? Are you still allowed to have fun? The answer to that last one is: "Yes, at one of these events." (The other two should probably be tackled by your therapist.)


Bed-Stuy’s OStudio is a creative co-working space and cafe where you’ll find artists making big, beautiful ceramics and quilts. They also host fun events for the artistically inclined, like tonight’s tie-dye party. With help from the dye enthusiasts at Jessi Highet Studio, you’ll refine your tie-dye technique beyond whatever you were working with for those student council t-shirts 15 years ago. After 5pm, the cafe turns into a wine bar with equally colorful small plates and an impressive wine selection. More info here.

When’s the last time you partied for 24 hours straight? If you want to see the sun come up with a soundtrack and a drink in your hand, head to Nowadays Nonstop Party this Saturday. Sets from Aurora Halal, Ron Like Hell, and more will be accompanied by a techno breakfast for those who make it through to the end. More info and tickets here.

The New York Botanical Garden

Sure, that guy at work whose entire personality seems to be craft beer is annoying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun afternoon enjoying brews and live music without all the snobbery. This Saturday, head to the New York Botanical Garden for Bales & Ales, where you can get unlimited samples from a bunch of local breweries, see fermentation demos, and play lawn games. Food trucks will also be on site. More info and tickets here. 

Feeling those supply chain issues after your K-Pop-themed crocs took five weeks to get here? Do some good old fashioned IRL shopping this Sunday at I Heart Indie Markets’ makers market and bar hop event at Strong Rope Brewery's Red Hook location. Shop artisan goods while sipping on beers from local breweries. More info here.

Everyone is always talking about New Mexican green chiles, but Brooklyn’s chile ambassadors at Ursula want to give the red ones some shine too. Next Monday, they’re doing a pop-up at Winona’s with a special four-course red chile tasting menu. You can experience the chiles in four forms: fresh, fermented, roasted, and dried. As an add-on, you can also get your chiles in a mignonet on top of fresh oysters. Make your reservations here.

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5 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In NYC Between September 21st - 27th guide image