If we were members of the real deal expense account, suit wearing army, The Lambs Club would probably be our home base. With so many terrible restaurants in the Times Square area catering to such types, this is the one for maxing out the corporate cards.

No stranger to Midtown (The National, Le Cirque), Geoffrey Zakarian’s Lambs Club kitchen is consistently very good - maybe even just short of excellent. The food is pricey, but that’s to be expected in this neck of the woods. The cocktails are also stupid expensive (some over $16), and the wine list is crazy, too. We did, however, manage to find an incredible bottle of 1999 Bordeaux from Chateau La Vieille Cure for under $100. That’s a steal relative to the rest of the options and is a fine treat for the table. Especially if it’s being written off.

The designers of this place took a big chance putting this room together they way they did. The decor teeters on the brink of typical, “restaurant inside a hotel” cheesy. In photos, it may come across a little forced, but in reality, it’s actually quite perfect. With deep red, ridiculously comfortable booths and a big fireplace, they did well with a modern take on a throwback vibe. Props to The Lambs Club for rolling the dice - it’s those who take risks in life that often come out on top.

So for Midtown suits or big baller entertainment industry types, The Lambs Club is the place to be. It’s also a prime candidate for pre-theatre eats. And yes - it’s rare that we back this type of restaurant - but The Lambs Club is officially Infatuation approved.

Food Rundown

The Lambs Club Salad

Fresh, leafy greens in a really tasty egg dressing with fresh tarragon. We highly recommend this as an appetizer.

Raw Marinated Hamachi

Superb flavors with a wasabi kick. Definitely mess around with this.

Grilled Octopus

Standard, solid, and definitely worth an order if you’re into octopus.

Prime Delmonico Steak

A ridiculously tender cut of what appeared to be a NY strip steak, this $48 piece of meat was juicy in all the right places. The braised shallots on top made every bite extra delicious. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you’re not paying, why not?

Farm Chicken

A solid chicken dish. It’s nothing to get overly excited about, but it is definitely something to think about if chicken is your thing.

Roasted Sturgeon With Braised Oxtail

A little surf and turf, if you will. This is a highly flavorful one-two punch that should definitely be ordered if it’s on the menu.


This was really our only miss at The Lambs Club. Our monkfish was a little dry, and overall just not that fulfilling. It came served with an interesting mix of apples, black trumpet mushrooms, and vanilla, but even nice flavor combinations can’t save an overcooked piece of fish.

Chocolate Pot De Crème

Bittersweet chocolate and “brachetto sabayon,” also known as high end, incredible chocolate pudding. We’ll come back just for this.

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