There’s a big courtyard outside the High Line Hotel, and, every summer, it has some kind of pop-up. Currently, that pop-up is a restaurant called The Golden Hour. It’s a seafood-focused place from the people behind Maison Premiere, and it’s the closest you’ll get to a semi-tropical vacation in Chelsea. The outdoor space is full of ferns, trees, and various other plants that we couldn’t identify because we aren’t horticulturalists - and there are also some striped umbrellas and at least one tiki torch. Like Maison Premiere, the oyster selection here is excellent, and there are a lot of shareable things like ceviche and crudo. The cocktails are also great. So if you want to get drinks and shellfish, this place is an excellent option. As long as it isn’t cold or raining. Because it’s all outdoors.

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