Sticky's Finger Joint

"Get fingered."

That's the slogan at this fast food joint in the Village, and it's perfect. Why? Because you're gonna get it.

"It" in this case is not an actual below the belt handshake, but a wide array of genius chicken finger flavor creations, ranging from Buffalo to General Tso's to Cordon Bleu to an insane salted caramel thing that looks like this. Sticky's is basically stoner food at it's best and most ridiculous, and it's no accident that it's a few blocks from NYU and open until 4am on the weekends. Talk about a fail proof business model. Sticky's also proudly claims to use only the highest quality chicken and ingredients, which is nice to think about as you cram a deep fried piece of poultry that's been filled with mozzarella into your mouth. Thank god that thing lived cage-free.

We've got to admit that even though we aren't Sticky's target audience, we kind of love this place. We sampled pretty much every variety of finger this place has to offer, and they were all excellent. I guess you don't have to be blazed to enjoy a chicken strip that's been made to taste like sushi, or one that's covered in tortillas, guacamole, and something called "cray" sauce. Just know that you probably aren't gonna feel good about yourself after the fact. I suppose that makes the slogan even more appropriate.

Food Rundown

The Buffalo

As far as a buffalo chicken strip goes, this is pretty damn incredible. The wing sauce is tangy and spicy (assuming you opt for the hotter of the two sauces), and the chicken is crispy and delicious. Apparently there's aged balsamic and maple syrup in there too, but we couldn't really tell. All we tasted was hot, tangy, and fried. And that's all we needed.

The General Sticky Tso

You know you like Chinese food, and you know you're gonna like this. Get a side of the wasabi ginger sauce to dip it in.

Wasabi Finger

Chicken fingers that taste like sushi. Seriously. The chicken is panko crusted and rolled around in wasabi, ginger, and tobiko. So insane, and so strangely good.

Bada Bing!

Basically a mozzarella stick inside a chicken finger. This was our favorite thing at Sticky's. If I were nineteen and going to school down the street I'd have a line of credit at this place.

The Salted Caramel Pretzel

I don't know who came up with this, but they should either get a Nobel Peace Prize, or be thrown in jail. The chicken is breaded with crushed pretzels and then topped with a salted caramel sauce and pretzel salt. Sorry pancreas, but you don't stand a chance.

Fiesta Finger

This time the chicken has been crusted with tortilla chips and topped with jalapeno salsa. It's a delicious combination, and it's also photogenic. Mexican food + fried chicken = delicioso.

Purple Sweet Potato Fries

These are some seriously good sweet potato fries. No idea why they're purple. These people probably did something crazy to them.

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