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18 Underrated Delivery Spots For Football Season

The under-the-radar delivery spots that’ll take your game day to the next level.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the game is about to start. You’re obviously excited to watch your team play. Even more exciting? What you’re going to eat.

Whether you’re having a solo evening of game-watching, or you’ve invited friends over for a football party, you need something especially excellent. And while there are no shortage of options on Seamless, what can be trickier is finding those under-the-radar spots that will always come in for the win.

With that in mind, we put together this guide to some of the city’s best underrated Seamless delivery spots for football-watching - even if you haven’t heard of or tried them, we can guarantee they’re vetted by us.

This guide is sponsored by Seamless. All restaurants featured were selected by The Infatuation.

The Spots

Atami - Japanese Fusion


1167 2nd Ave, New York
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Finding a reliable neighborhood sushi delivery spot is like unlocking Level 10 in Life In New York City: The Video Game. If you live on the Upper East Side or on the eastern side of Midtown, we’re going to give you a cheat code: Atami. This is the affordable, quality sushi delivery place you need.

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Pisillo imageoverride image


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If you do your ordering in around the Financial District, you may think that you don’t have a lot of great options. But, you’d be wrong. Pisillo is a funky little shop that’s very authentic (they are usually playing Italian soccer on the TV, if you’re not convinced) and makes some of the best, most underrated Italian sandwiches in the city. They’re also absolutely enormous. You can probably share.

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Hummus from the grocery store: not good. Hummus from an excellent Lebanese restaurant: very, very good. Naya is an underrated spot we’ve always enjoyed, and the restaurant’s small space means delivery is ideal. Be sure to get the kibbe (fried meatballs, more or less) and the lamb kebab.

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Ever wished your Sunday delivery situation could be a little more European? Just add prosciutto. La Panineria makes very solid, simple Italian sandwiches featuring things like prosciutto, bresaola, mozzarella, spicy salami, and even turkey. If you really want to get fancy, there’s a $40 truffle panini. If your team makes it to the Playoffs, we will endorse you ordering this.

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Chicken fingers: a good game-watching food. Salted caramel pretzel chicken fingers or wasabi aioli chicken fingers: a next level great game-watching food. Sticky’s specializes in all such matter of ridiculous-sounding chicken fingers, and while they’re probably targeted at NYU students with munchies, they’ll also do you quite well on a Sunday afternoon. With locations in Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Murray Hill, there are probably some fingers near you.

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A couple years ago, a lot of people said Bobwhite was home to some of the best fried chicken in the city. And those people were right. But whether you forgot, or never made it over to this little space on Avenue C, Bobwhite probably isn’t as high on your delivery radar as it should be. Plan to get either a fried chicken sandwich or the $11 three-piece chicken set that also comes with a biscuit and a choice of slaw, fries, or mac and cheese.

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Harry & Ida's Meat and Supply Co.

Harry & Ida’s is probably one of those places you heard about, meant to check out, and never made it to. Or if you haven’t heard of it at all, what you need to know is that they’re famous for making an absolutely incredible pastrami sandwich. While the little shop is a cool space, there’s not much in the way of seating, so take the opportunity to get a sandwich sent to the area in front of your TV screen at home.

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The only thing more American than watching football on a Sunday afternoon is watching football on a Sunday afternoon while eating hot dogs. And while grilling is fun, you live in Manhattan and even if you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, you’d be evicted if you put so much as a George Foreman on it. This is where Crif Dogs delivery comes in. Go classic with a few Chili Dogs, or get wild with a Tsunami Dog (involving teriyaki, onions, and pineapple).

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Maybe you’re tired of eating pizza and fried chicken and burgers just because you’re watching sports. On Sundays, you’re your own boss. Do something different. Order from Sophie’s, home of Cuban comfort food. The secret to doing this place right is dumping their green sauce on everything. Rebellion tastes good.

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You could always go to Royale to watch the game - it’s one of our favorite sports watching spots in the East Village. But that would require some effort. Instead, order that excellent Royale Burger straight to your living room and take a moment to appreciate that you didn’t have to put on real pants to eat it.

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There are many occasions that warrant a Taqueria Diana burrito: after a big night out, after a rough Monday, before you want to take a nap. But probably no occasion is more fitting than football-watching. This is the closest thing you’ll find to a legitimate San Francisco-style burrito in New York City, and it’s truly glorious. Also, if you don’t get an order of nachos to go with it, we’re clearly not on the same team.

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There is no better way to celebrate being both a New Yorker and a football fan than hosting a football bagel brunch. And all it takes is fifteen seconds on Seamless and turning on the game. Tell your friends to bring the champagne and orange juice and you have yourself a real party.

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Or maybe you actually do just really need fried chicken. We support you, as long as you’re getting it from a place that does delivery well. Because the only thing sadder than your team losing is your team losing while you eat cold, greasy, subpar fried chicken. Leave it to the experts at Dirty Bird, who have perfected the art of delivery fried chicken - specifically, delivery fried chicken fingers.

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Some people like chicken salad. Some people like roast beef. Some people get weird about their patty melts. But if you’re a turkey sandwich person, you need to try the one at Viand. There isn’t much else like it in NYC, and we don’t say that lightly - we’re turkey sandwich people. You can also use Viand for any diner food needs on the Upper East Side.

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There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this place, despite the fact that it’s been serving cheap, good Mexican food in the East Village for 20 years. Probably because its name couldn’t be more generic, or have less to do with what you’ll order here: breakfast burritos, enchiladas, and stuffed Mexican sandwiches. Downtown Bakery is exactly what your Sunday needs after a rough Saturday night.

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