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If you’re lucky, you have someone in your family that makes food that inspires you to get to the family function early, before the mac and cheese runs out because everyone’s already stashed a second take home plate. The lady behind Lady’s Seafood and Soulfood in East Harlem is that relative. 

Get here as early as you can, because the best stuff runs out fast. The fried shrimp covered in a BBQ sauce with just enough bite is a must-have, and we’ve power-walked our way over just to guarantee we get a slab of buttery stuffed salmon overflowing with crab meat. The only word that accurately describes the salty-sour pork fat greens is “correct.” And, of course, a side of mac and cheese is essential. It’s the sort of recipe you keep secret until it goes in the will.

For now, this spot is takeout only, in the spirit of those secret second plates. If you’ve already been making trips to this superior soul food spot, we apologize in advance—we’re inviting a few more people to crash the family party.

Food Rundown

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Fried Chicken

This spot is big on seafood, but we just can’t respect a place with soul food in the name if the fried chicken doesn’t blow us away. This one’s a winner.

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Stuffed Lobster or Salmon

Both the salmon and lobster are carefully cooked to medium done and generously stuffed with flavorful crab meat and parmesan breadcrumbs.

BBQ Shrimp (or Sweet Chili Shrimp)

The fried shrimps are big and as well-seasoned as the chicken, and they get even more flavor from your choice of tangy hot BBQ sauce or a sticky sweet chili glaze.

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Shrimp Alfredo

We usually skip non-macaroni pasta dishes when they appear at soul food restaurants. There’s just too much else we’d rather eat. But this peppery alfredo really hits the spot.

Sides: Mac and Cheese, Rice, Greens, Candied Yams

On point: the sharp cheese in the mac, caramelization on the yams, seasoning on the rice, and pork flavor in the greens.