Extra Virgin

As I was going through and re-writing our review for Extra Virgin from five years ago, something really stood out to me. For all we talk about in terms of our oldest reviews needing updating, there are some restaurants that simply don’t change. Extra Virgin is one of them. This place is still exactly the same as it was five years ago - the food is still really good, it’s still ideally suited for [perfect_for slug=“date-night”]Date Night[/perfect_for], and we’d still come here and dine solo at the bar any night of the week. I honestly could have left the original 2009 review for this place completely intact and simply changed the date, and everything would still be relevant to you today. Ok, maybe not that Adam Sandler reference I made, but definitely everything else.

I think what we appreciate most about Extra Virgin is its consistency. Is this the best restaurant in the West Village? No, it isn’t. Do they use too much butter in many of the dishes? If you believe such a thing is possible, then probably. But there’s something nice about knowing what you’re going to get when you walk into a place, even if you haven’t been there in two years. I know that when I walk into Extra Virgin on any given night that it will be packed but that I can likely find a seat at the bar, and that whatever I decide to eat, I’m going to enjoy it. Consistency is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of consistency, this restaurant still ranks near the top of our list for any situation in which you’re planning to have dinner with a someone that you’d like to do it with. And by “it” I mean eat some quality fish and talk about what books you both like.

What did you think I meant?

Food Rundown

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Perfectly done scallops wrapped in bacon. A pretty standard dish as far as it goes, but these are excellent.

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Falafel Crusted Mahi Mahi

You want anything that Extra Virgin puts a falafel crust on. I’ve had a few variations on this, and this mahi benefits from the slightly spicy falafel crunch. Fish prepared this way usually comes with a sweet element on the plate; this one has a red and green grape salad. This is the kind of thing that sets Extra Virgin apart.

Lobster Ravioli

Another standard done well. You won’t find too much out of the ordinary with this lobster ravioli, but you know... if it ain’t broke...

Mushroom Crusted Virgin Chicken

Served with sweet pea risotto and cipollini onions in a light truffle broth, this is quite possibly one of the best chicken dishes on the market. You get a piece of breast and thigh crusted with a breadcrumb/mushroom mix that adds the perfect texture and taste.

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French Fries

French fries here come served with a delicious gorgonzola cheese sauce. Regardless of what else is on your table, fries should be ordered.

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