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Simply put, Cookshop has been one of NYC’s most excellent restaurants for a very long time now. We’ve been coming here for years, and it’s never been anything but delicious - not even once. The food is uncomplicated and as American as it gets, with all the menu items you’d expect to see at an American restaurant - pork chops, fish, roasted chicken, and brunch. There is no bad time to visit - even breakfast is solid here - and they also have a big outdoor space for the nine days in May and September that you can actually sit outside. Just know that it is nearly always busy, and you will wait for a table.

Food Rundown

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Stone Oven Pizza

Cookshop has a big wood burning oven, and when you have that kind of oven, sometimes you make pizza. Yes, this one is topped with ramps and therefore also the slightest bit of pretense, but it’s also pretty damn good. Order with confidence.

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Vermont Lamb Tasting

If I was a lamb, this is how I would want to go out. Various parts of me, cooked to delicious perfection, served on a slab of wood to a king. OK, if not a king, a president. No presidents eat here, do they? How about a high ranking member of parliament? A famous actor? No? Fine, someone at a restaurant in Cheslea. Someone smart enough to order me.

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Spit Roasted Cascun Farm Chicken

Roasted chicken in a restaurant is no novelty, but it’s rarely this good. There’s some smoked chili oil in the mix, which punches things up a bit. Do it if your heart so desires.

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Whole Fish

You’ll find various fish presentations on the menu at Cookshop, and our move is always to keep it simple. Nobody at the table is gonna be mad at a nice piece of fish.

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