Bocca di Bacco

Midtown wine bars are pretty high up there on the list of places you won't find us hanging out. Why? Well, first of all, the majority of them are slightly less exciting than having a glass or two inside your local Pottery Barn. Second, we're not so down with the menus rife with shitty pizzas and cubed cheese served on cutting boards. Oh, and that fig thrown in next to the pile of Wheat Thins? Yeah, that's not fooling anybody.

On the surface, Bocca di Bacco doesn't look much different than any of those places. What is interesting, though, is that the food is actually very good. On the menu is an extensive offering of Italian small plates, pastas, and tasty full sized entrees to accompany all the wines that pour from a giant wine keggerator behind the bar. The crowd is a nice mix of Hell's Kitchen's hottest residents and some downtowners that know where to get good eats when they're in the area. We went in on a Twitter recommendation and have now had two solid meals at Bocca di Bacco, along with some nice wines by the glass that didn't put too bad of a hurting on the wallet. I'm glad we gave it a chance. The ridiculous house music on the website almost doomed it from the start.

Food Rundown

Bruschetta ai Funghi

An excellent mushroom bruschetta. This is tasty, but almost more like a pizza than a bruschetta.

Olive Oscalane

These are lightly fried olives stuffed with fennel seeds and pork. Yes, you read that correctly. Pork stuffed olives. Martinis anyone?

Polpette al Pomodoro

Standard meatballs in sauce. The meatballs were dry and unimpressive. I wouldn't order this again.

Fettuccine Alla Bolognese

A nice, wide fettuccine in a basic but excellent Bolognese sauce. This will fill you up, in case you need to soak up all that vino before heading home.

Tortelli Ricotta e Spinaci

The best pasta we tried at Bocca di Bacco. The tortelli is filled with spinach and ricotta and a sage, butter and parmesan sauce tops it. A great vegetarian option.

Tagilata al Tagliere

A grilled sirloin steak with a Barolo reduction. This is a slammin' piece of meat, especially after four glasses of red wine. And yes, I know my teeth are purple.