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7 Great Nigerian Restaurants In NYC guide image

NYC Guide

7 Great Nigerian Restaurants In NYC

Our favorites spots for jollof rice, egusi soup, moi moi, and everything in between.

Lagos Restaurant And Lounge review image

NYC Review

Lagos Restaurant And Lounge

Lagos Restaurant and Lounge is a Midtown Nigerian restaurant with a lively atmosphere and great food.

Hills Place review image

NYC Review

Hills Place

Hills Place is a Nigerian restaurant in Marine Park with especially good joloff rice.

Festac Grill review image

NYC Review

Festac Grill

Festac Grill in Cypress Hills is a West African restaurant known for classic Nigerian dishes.

Nneji review image

NYC Review


Nneji is a Nigerian takeout spot and grocery store in Astoria with great vegetarian options.

Brooklyn Suya review image

NYC Review

Brooklyn Suya

Brooklyn Suya is a small Nigerian spot in Crown Heights where you should grab a casual weeknight dinner.