Hills Place

Hills Place is a loungey restaurant in Marine Park with a full bar and good music. The jollof rice with chicken is a head turner and it tastes just as great as it looks. Jollof is the star dish of Nigerian cuisine and so if a restaurant gets it right you can be sure everything else will taste good too. The jollof at Hill’s Place has a rich, savory flavor of blended tomatoes, peppers, and spices like garlic, nutmeg, and bullion. It has the perfect rich red color and comes with a generous side of fried plantains, which is a pleasant surprise since you normally have to order them separately. The egusi soup, okra soup, eforiro, spinach, and bitter leaf soup (all of which can be paired with pounded yam) are all popular choices here too. The pepper soup with chicken or goat is also done really well - it’s spicy but not overwhelming and comes with plenty of meat.

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