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The Best Outdoor Restaurants In Miami

23 spots for those days when you feel guilty eating inside.

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23 Spots
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23 Spots
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Updated October 15th, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, we have bad weather in Miami, so we really do appreciate those absolutely perfect 75-degree days when we nearly shed a tear every time we open the door. When that happens, eating outside is basically mandatory, and the 23 places on this guide are where you should go to do it. These are the restaurants where sitting outside is the whole point - places that are going to make you look around and mumble a prayer of gratitude that you’ll never have to learn what black ice is.

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Ruben Cabrera


$$$$ 2501 Biscayne Blvd

Mimi’s is a casual Edgewater restaurant with some very pleasant (and shaded) outdoor seating right along Biscayne Boulevard. During the day, this place operates as a cafe, serving coffee, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. But at 6pm, they transition to dinner, offering a straightforward menu of salads, crudo, crispy skin branzino, and one of Miami’s best burgers - with a thick patty covered in American cheese and lots of caramelized onions. They do have some indoor seating, but most of the tables - as well as a circular bar that looks a bit like a gazebo - are located on the front patio. It’s easy to keep things casual here, but they also serve a pretty extravagant dish called “chicken & eggs” - a platter of four beautifully crispy pieces of fried chicken, crème fraîche, chives, and an ounce of Ossetra caviar for $75. It’s worth ordering if you’re a caviar fan.

Laylle Digital Media

Tigre Miami

$$$$ 620 NE 78th St

Tigre is a beautiful Argentinian restaurant in the Upper East Side where you can bring a date or a few friends or, really, anyone who appreciates interior design and the color green. The outdoor seating is organized along a little canal that - despite being just a baseball toss away from the hectic intersection of Biscayne and 79th - feels peaceful and secluded. The aesthetics are the selling point here, but the food is also good. There are some solid veggie options, like a simple, crunchy hearts of palm salad or tender roasted beets, but you’ll find bigger steak and fish entrees too. Whether you want to eat buñuelos or just have a few apéritif cocktails while looking for manatees - Tigre should be the answer next time it’s so nice out that you feel guilty being inside.

Fuji Film Girl

Luca Osteria

$$$$ 116 Giralda Ave

Luca Osteria is a Coral Gables Italian restaurant along the pedestrian-only Giralda Plaza. It has lots of spacious outdoor seating where you can watch a steady stream of dogs and people. But as soon as the food hits the table, you won’t pay attention to anything but the plate in front of you. Everything here is delicious. The cacio pepe is perfectly al dente, and the bucatini alle vongole is beautifully balanced with tender manila clams resting on top. There are some excellent non-pasta dishes here too. Specifically, the patate fritte. It’s little fried potato balls covered by a creamy layer of parmigiano fonduta, black truffle, and a single egg yolk in the center - and it’s one of the best dishes in the entire city.

Tasty Planet

Amara At Paraiso

$$$$ 3101 NE 7TH AVE.

You can’t eat much closer to Biscayne Bay than at Amara - unless you own a boat or are a manatee. But if you are not a herbivorous marine mammal, then this is a really good choice because both the view and food are great. The menu is pretty much all seafood, with a small raw bar and a great grilled snapper. Come during the day if you really want to see the view in all its glory - and come early to beat the crowd because they can’t guarantee you an outdoor table, even with a reservation.

Tasty Planet

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

$$$$ 4312 NE 2nd Ave

Though it’s sometimes tough to get a table on a very nice day, it’s still easier than buying a plane ticket and flying to Greece - which is what having lunch here kind of feels like. Mandolin is in Buena Vista, and it’s about 90 percent outdoor seating. The tables are shaded by trees and canopies, and the grilled octopus, whole Mediterranean sea bass, and watermelon salad with feta and mint are the exact kinds of things we want to eat on a sunny day. White wine is optional, but highly encouraged.



The Best Miami Waterfront Restaurants

Karli Evans


$$$$ 140 NE 39th St

Itamae is located in the Design District and serves the best Nikkei (Peruvian/Japanese) food in the city. Right now, they only have outdoor seating, and it’s a spacious layout great for Design District people watching. But the food - not the view - is the main attraction here. Just about every sushi roll, ceviche, tiradito, and any other special they happen to be offering that day will be the best thing you’ve eaten in recent memory. And you’ll be glad you’re sitting outside so you can look towards the sky and mumble a prayer of gratitude for what just happened to your taste buds.

Photo Courtesy Verde

Verde at Pérez Art Museum Miami

AmericanPizzaBrunch  in  Downtown
$$$$ 1103 Biscayne Blvd

Verde has one of those views that’ll make it hard to get up even after you’ve paid the bill. This surprisingly casual restaurant in the back of the PAMM gives you a wide-open look at Biscayne Bay, and lunch here feels like eating in the biggest, fanciest backyard in Miami. Though they stay open for dinner on Thursday, Verde is best for brunch or lunch, when you can eat pretty good pizzas, sandwiches, and salads while trying to guess how much each passing yacht costs.

Photo Courtesy Cafe Kush

Cafe Kush

BurgersFrenchSandwiches  in  MiMo
$$$$ 7700 Biscayne Blvd

Kush Hospitality seems to be incapable of producing a bad restaurant, and MiMo’s Cafe Kush is further proof of this theory. This restaurant feels like the original Kush in Wynwood if it took a French vacation. They have some burger options, but also steak frites, a croque monsieur, and a great double-cut pork chop. Their outdoor seating is really lovely, too. It offers a view of Little River, which isn’t a huge body of water but does give you an above-average chance of spotting a manatee - especially in the winter.

Cleveland Jennings

From the street, Naomi’s just looks like a little take-out spot. But after you order from their menu of Haitian and Carribean dishes, walk around to the side of the building and find the garden seating. It’s a casual space with plenty of tables, a couple of loud roosters, a small stage for occasional live music, and a few hammocks you’re welcome to use in case you overdid it with the jerk chicken. Naomi’s is one of the best restaurants in Little Haiti, but it’s such a relaxing space that we’d come on a pretty day just to read a book and have a passion fruit juice.

Tasty Planet


$$$$ 3425 NE 2nd Ave

Yes, Lagniappe is more a place to drink than eat, but the mostly outdoor wine bar in Edgewater does have a small food menu that’s good enough to justify coming here for dinner even though the silverware is plastic. After you grab a bottle of wine inside, head to the backyard to order something from the grill: churrasco, mahi, salmon, chicken, and sautéed veggies are all solid options in addition to the very good meat and cheese plates. Come on the earlier side and you won’t have to compete for a table with a thousand first dates.

Tasty Planet

An outdoor table at Ironside is going to be lovely no matter when you come. At lunch, the courtyard is sunny and bright, with lots of trees, plants, and live music during the weekend. At night, string lights hang over the tables and create an ideal mood for a pizza date, which is usually what we end up ordering here even though the pasta is pretty tasty too. This place is BYOB (with no corking fee), so pick up some beer or wine before you come.



The Miami Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In Miami

Michael Pisarri

Osteria Morini

$$$$ 1750 Alton Rd

As with pretty much all hotel restaurants in South Beach, you can expect higher-than-average prices and a slightly touristy crowd at Osteria Morini. However, it’s still possible to have a very enjoyable meal here, especially if you sit outside. All the outdoor tables are arranged along a narrow little canal that can make you feel like you’re in Venice, if you squint hard and have had more than two negronis. Pasta is the move here, and it’s solid - especially the torcia nera and cappelletti.

Photo Courtesy Bay 13

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen

$$$$ 65 Alhambra Plz

This Australian brewery in Coral Gables is a great place to drink and eat outside. Their front patio is really spacious and laid out over a stretch of astroturf, so you can feel like you’re having a little picnic. This place is equal parts brewery and restaurant, and you can certainly come here to just drink - they’ve got some crisp, refreshing day-drinking brews. But if you did that, you’d be missing out on what are quite possibly the best fish and chips in town. There are other tasty things to eat here that pair excellently with a cold beer, like sausages, meat pies, and smoked salmon rangoons.

Tasty Planet

Andiamo Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza  in  MiMo
$$$$ 5600 Biscayne Blvd

Even though MiMo’s Andiamo Pizza is right next to busy Biscayne Boulevard, eating under the roof of this retro building still feels secluded. You’re boxed in by lots of plants and tiki torches - and there’s also a big projector screen that’s usually playing whatever local sport happens to be on TV. Everyone here is eating pizza because it’s pretty much the only thing they serve and it’s a very good pie - especially if you prefer a thicker crust and lots of toppings.


$$$$ 382 NE 61st St

Editor’s Note: Heartland is closed until November 4

Heartland is an outdoor restaurant and music venue in Little Haiti with a couple dozen tables spread out underneath a massive tree in a big empty lot. Pretty much every seat is facing the stage, where there’s usually a band jamming out. While you watch that band, you can order a bottle of wine, a ribeye, roasted eggplant, lamb chops. The food isn’t the main attraction here, but it’s got a great atmosphere and is a wonderful place to bring a date or a couple of friends who are down to drink some wine and listen to a saxophone.

Tasty Planet


$$$$ 908 71st St

Rouge probably has the smallest outdoor space on this guide, but it’s every bit as romantic as you’d expect from a little French spot. The tiny courtyard is covered in vines, lights, and could easily work as the setting for a scene where two spies who eventually fall in love meet for the first time over foie gras and wine. The food is decent but pricey - and the dishes are pretty heavy, with things like creamy escargot in a flaky puff pastry, quails with couscous, and black truffle risotto. So you’ve got to be in the mood for a big, luxurious meal to come here. But it’s worth a trip the next time you want to pretend like you’re a foreign agent putting true love before duty.



Where To Have Brunch Outside In Miami

Cleveland Jennings

27 Restaurant

$$$$ 2727 Indian Creek Dr

There aren’t any great waterfront views or remarkable things to stare at with 27′s outdoor seating, but we like it because it’s got the same house-party feel as the dining room inside. And before or after you eat (preferably both), you can take about 15 steps to 27′s sister cocktail bar, Broken Shaker, where the lush, tropical outdoor seating is absolutely gorgeous.

Monty’s Raw Bar

$$$$ 2550 S Bayshore Dr

Eating outside in Coconut Grove is an easy thing to do since just about every restaurant here has at least a few sidewalk tables. But few of them do it as well as Monty’s, which is located along a marina on Biscayne Bay so you can convince yourself that maybe you should buy a boat. Come here for fried seafood you can eat with your fingers and strong frozen drinks that make both the seafood and the idea of boat ownership seem better.

Peter Rentschler

Shuckers Bar and Grill

$$$$ 1819 79th Street Causeway

Every table at Shuckers is technically an outdoor table because this place doesn’t have walls. And that is a good thing because it’d be a shame to block this good of a waterfront view. A lot of people come here to watch sports, but we go to Shuckers to just stare out into the blue horizon while occasionally breaking eye contact with the ocean to eat a chicken wing or fried calamari.

Photo Courtesy Mamey


$$$$ 1350 S Dixie Hwy

This Coral Gables spot from the Ghee team has some outdoor tables, but there’s also a rooftop space, which is where you want to be if you’re trying to eat outside. The full menu isn’t available up there (unfortunately), but you can still drink some very good cocktails and have small plates. Happy Hour is from 3-6pm daily, and food options include mostly Caribbean dishes like conch fritters, jerk roasted plantains, and wahoo ceviche. And all of the above are very tasty.

52 Chefs

Malibu Farm

$$$$ 4525 Collins Ave

If your goal is to eat as close to the beach as possible, then Mid-Beach’s Malibu Farm is an appropriate choice. Of course a restaurant this close to the sand - especially one that’s inside a hotel - is going to be pricey. But if you’re okay with that and really want to be able to smell the ocean while you eat decent $22 fish tacos or a $24 avocado pizza, then you might like it here.

Karli Evans

Doce Provisions

$$$$ 541 SW 12th Ave

Doce Provisions serves Cuban fusion food a block north of Calle Ocho - and their Cuban sandwich and vaca frita tostones are both reason enough to come here if you’re looking for some good food in Little Havana. But if you’re also trying to eat outside, then Doce is absolutely the place to go. They have a very pretty back patio, with string lights, picnic benches underneath a pergola, and some murals you can stare at while you try to decide between the bacon and egg arroz frito or fried chicken and plantain waffles.

Photo Courtesy The Standard

The Lido Bayside Grill

$$$$ 40 Island Ave

The food at Lido is not as good or as cheap as it should be, but these are the sacrifices we make for one of the best waterfront views you can have while eating an OK $20 cheeseburger. This place is located in The Standard Spa, which means you also have an above-average chance of seeing a celebrity or overhearing a conversation about someone’s recent luxury ayahuasca retreat.

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