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Same Same

$$$$(213) 273-8424
Hours:WEDNESDAY5:00PM to 12:00AM

Same Same is our favorite Thai restaurant in Silver Lake not named Night + Market. The concise menu is filled with standout dishes that are great for sharing, like sweet and creamy kho soi, slightly sour sai kork esan, and a rich panang curry. But what makes this casual spot so special - and useful - is their wine situation.

Same Same is just as much a wine bar as it is a Thai restaurant, with an always-rotating list of fun and refreshing biodynamic wines. It’s the kind of place where you could swing by on a quiet Wednesday night, hang at the bar, and sip unfiltered Slovenian wine to temper the heat of a spicy-as-hell papaya salad in peace. And Same Same will also be there for you on a Friday when you roll in with friends, and the main objective is to power through bottles of chilled Gamay like its alkaline water. Another plus is they don’t take reservations, making it a great option if you forgot that it was your turn to plan date night and everywhere else is booked up.

In short, this spot has combined two cornerstones of human happiness (wine and Thai food), and dinner here will inevitably make you happier.

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Food Rundown

Khao Soi

This isn’t our favorite khao soi in LA, but it’s still delicious, and something that always hits our table. The broth is sweet and savory, the noodles are nicely chewy, and the meat on the drumstick flicks off with one easy scrape of the fork.

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SomTum Thai

When it comes to papaya salad, we generally look for two things: fresh papaya and a hefty amount of spice. Same Same’s version accomplishes both of these things.

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Pad Kee Mao

We know very few people who would turn down a good bowl of drunken noodles, which is why this is a perfect dish to put on the table for everyone to pick at while they chat and drink. The noodles are plump and salty and there’s just a tiny kick of heat from the serrano peppers.

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Panang Curry

Panang curry is a dish you can find on almost any Thai menu in LA, but Same Same’s version is one of our favoritest. The curry itself is rich and thick with a strong punch of heat that’s largely offset by the sweetness of the coconut milk. We recommend perfectly-moist chicken for the protein.

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