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Every city fights its own stereotype. But LA’s battle is a particularly enduring one. We’ve all heard it - we’re a cultureless suburbia full of calorie-counting robots who just skipped your birthday because we scored a free cardio barre class. Something like that. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But let’s remember one thing: LA is home to 4 million people from 180 different countries and all walks of life. But keep stereotyping us.

One thing is clear though, Little Pine doesn’t care about your stereotype. In fact, it’s giving it one giant f*cking bear hug.

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photo credit: Benji Dell

The interior is bright, airy, and eccentric. And unlike some of the other big name vegan spots around town, Little Pine feels low-key and authentic to itself. There’s no put-on agenda here or some tableside garbage pep talk about why they’re more important than you. Everyone’s humble, attentive, and simply excited for you to be there.

And the food itself is pretty good. For being a menu that’s clearly plant-based, it’s wide ranging. There’s everything from the broccoli aranchi (a shockingly hefty risotto cake) to a vegetable ravioli that’s way better than it needs to be. Some items are a bit more expected (we meet again, flash-fried cauliflower), but others will surprise you. Don’t ask us what’s in that housemade “sausage”, just find it and order it.

Above all else, Little Pine is a flexible spot that knows its neighborhood and isn’t trying to cater to anyone. Stop in by yourself after a jaunt around the reservoir (it’s lunch situation is currently being revamped, but will be back soon) or come in at night for a relaxed date night that’s far more romantic than you’d think.

Stereotypes or no stereotypes, we’re into restaurants who don’t care what people think. We’re into Little Pine.

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