Perfect For: Date Night Dinner with the Parents Fine Dining

Aside from a few heavy-hitters, Silver Lake is actually a bit low on big-deal, destination restaurants. There’s a fine line between important restaurants and important restaurants on Instagram - Silver Lake has quite a bit of the latter. But Alimento is on the fast-track to changing that fact.

Tucked into the most Silver Lake-y section of Silver Lake, Alimento is all-class drenched in neighborhood vibes. But that's not to say the space couldn’t use a bit of hominess. As it stands, Alimento is essentially four walls with white plaster on them. We’re eating fantastic pasta, not faking our way through a friend's art gallery opening. Throw a few things on the wall please. But all that said, the energy inside is still inviting and it's a restaurant that was clearly created for its neighborhood. And that never happens anymore.

Also, holy sh*t the food is good - it's everything you came craving for, but in an entirely different way than you ever expected. The squid ink radiatori is special and the lamb shank could be one of the best cuts of meat in the city. And we’re regulars at Barry’s Bootcamp. That's a body image joke.

Alimento is small so save the big group plans for another spot. Instead, file it immediately into the dates you don’t want to screw up folder. It will be effective. Because Alimento is effective. On you, on your date, and on a neighborhood currently elevating its culinary status.

Food Rundown

Pork Shank Affumicato

There’s no reasonable explanation for how good this tastes, but frankly, we aren’t looking for answers. We’re looking for another order of it.

Squid Ink Radiatori

Not since green ketchup has two words been less inviting than squid ink, but fear not. This version is beautiful. And a mandatory order for the table.

Pig In A Blanket

It sticks out on a very grown-up looking menu, but don’t be quick to judge. This childhood classic holds it own at Alimento.

Whole Grilled Orata

Admittedly not the easiest thing to eat on a date but its fun, delicious, and you get to pick apart a fish in public.

Chicken Liver Crostone

Everyone’s new favorite appetizer is done extremely well here.

Cracked Farro Salad

A testament to the immense quality of ingredients that Alimento serves. Fresh and crisp, its the perfect start to what will be an immensely hearty meal.

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