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The London Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In London

PHOTO: Karolina Wiercigroch

It’s a question we get asked all the time. Where should I be eating in London right now? If you’ve thought that recently, you’ve come to the right place. The Infatuation Hit List is your guide to the city’s best new restaurants.

And when we say ‘best’, we mean it. We’ve visited each of these restaurants on several occasions and personally vetted them to find out which ones are worth the time and effort. Crucially, we’ve also left countless others off that we don’t think you should bother with, regardless of what a dozen restaurant PRs and Instagrammers have insisted - being a new opening doesn’t automatically qualify a spot on the list.

The Hit List is our record of each restaurant that’s opened within the last year that we highly recommend that you try, and we’ve arranged it in chronological order with the newest places at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.

New to The Hit List as of 26/6: Henrietta, Westerns Laundry, Lorne, Monty’s Deli, Pique-Nique, The Other Naughty Piglet, Popolo, TATA Eatery.

Some places you might have heard of that didn’t make the cut (click their names to learn more): Xu, Madame D, Palatino, El Pastor, Farang

The sPots



Covent Garden
14-15 Henrietta Street

Normally, the idea of a visiting a hotel restaurant in Covent Garden would have us curling up into a foetal position and rocking back and forth ever so gently, like when we walked in on our parents when we were 10. But the new Henrietta restaurant inside the eponymous hotel is good. Like really, really good. You’ll find a lot of unusual pairings and everything has wild flowers on it for decoration, but it’s all delicious and unpretentious. And unlike most hotel restaurants, Henrietta also feels very cool - not that surprising, when you consider that the guys who run ECC Chinatown are behind it. Go before everyone else gets in on it.


A few months ago, Highbury wasn’t exactly a place we’d consider travelling to for dinner. We’ve changed our minds completely since then, and Westerns Laundry is a huge part of that turnaround. It’s a wine bar-slash-neighbourhood restaurant housed in an old garage that does natural wines and sharing plates of French and Spanish-style seafood, like langoustines and scallops cooked with a bit of good oil and chili, or cuttlefish croquetas. You may walk past the unmarked entrance four times before realising it, but when you do find Westerns Laundry, you’ll feel properly smug. The atmosphere’s cool while still feeling intimate, and it’s Perfect For a group dinner with a few mates or a casual date.


As Londoners, what our chums in NYC take for granted - namely, massive sandwiches you could use to crack a bank safe open - we struggle to compete with. No more. Monty’s Deli’s first permanent restaurant took forever to open (they used to be a pop-up at Druid Street Market), but we’re glad to say say it was worth the wait. The reuben special is worth the mission to Hoxton, and the chicken noodle soup is like a hug from a mate after you’ve had a bad day. The restaurant looks trendy, but has a vibe that feels true to the East End location.



Tanner St Park

Pique-Nique is the new Bermondsey restaurant from the guys behind neighbourhood favorite Casse-Croute, and the food is very good. Rich, buttery, creamy, artery clogging good, as classic French cooking should be. The menu comes in two parts: a super short a la carte section which is 90% butter and cream, and the 'Menu autour du poulet de Bresse” which Google translates roughly as, “serving chicken in a bunch of different ways for your entertainment'. Some parts of the Bresse chicken set menu are better than others, but the course with the epic mashed potato - sorry, pommes purée - is the part we want to have an illicit affair with.



76 Wilton Rd

Since we released our first Hit List, we’ve been to Victoria on far more occasions than we’d care to recall. The only restaurant we’d go out of our way for, though, is Lorne, a small spot that does nice plates of modern British food with some Mediterranean influence. The food’s light in a way that won’t leave you groaning after dessert, and the space will almost make you feel like you’re on vacation. And while Lorne attracts a grown-up crowd, it doesn’t feel stuffy in the slightest.



26 Rivington St

Like that one hot person at a World of Warcraft tournament, the best thing about Popolo is that it’s full of untapped potential. This little Italian restaurant on a quiet street in Shoreditch is our new favourite place to sit at the bar and eat plates of pasta and seafood, and drink a few glasses of wine. The owner’s mum is Spanish, so you’ll also find things like vegetables with romesco or hake on the menu, along with an excellent risotto. Hit it up for a leisurely lunch, or a when you’re after a light dinner with a friend or two.


This restaurant is the love child of the overachieving and beloved Brixton neighbourhood restaurant Naughty Piglets, and...Andrew Lloyd Webber. Located at the top aesthetically annoying marble staircase within the legendary composer’s new theatre in Victoria, The Other Naughty Piglet in Victoria is a sleek, comfortable wine bar with excellent food. If you don’t order the XO Linguine with cured egg yolk, you’re doing it wrong.



3 Winnett Street

When you walk into this little Japanese restaurant, you’ll feel like you walked out of Soho and into a backstreet restaurant in Kyoto. It’s the kind of experience you knew had to exist in London, but could never quite find. The staff don’t speak loads of English and there are specials written in Japanese pinned above the counter, but order a pot of tea and a few sharing plates (the takoyaki and dumplings are excellent), or plonk yourself down at the bar and order some sushi that’s up there with the best in town. Jugemu definitely isn’t a place for a rowdy catchup, but bring a mate who likes Japanese food, and you’ll love it here.


L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Stoke Newington
125 Stoke Newington Church St

The original Da Michele is one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples, so it’s kind of like what Graceland is to Elvis fans, or the San Diego Comic Convention is for virgins. We’d love to say that our homegrown London pizzas are better, but we’d be lying - the Neapolitan pies here are ludicrously good, and the marinara pizza might be one of the best pizzas in the city. What we know for sure is that it’s worth the schlep and lining up on Stokey Church Street for. It’s a small, unshowy place with just two varieties of pizza and a few drinks, but your eyes will have rolled back so far into your head after eating a slice that you won’t care.

Photo: Karolina Wiercigroch

Bad Sports

184 Hackney Road

This Hackney Road newbie is part Mexican cantina, part all-American sports bar, and if you have only ever eaten tacos at Wahaca, the tacos at Bad Sports will blow your mind. They’re packed with flavour and a kick that will get you ready for the game ahead. And what we mean by game is that they have an all-American sports bar downstairs for you to watch grown men playing a form of netball that still needs to be explained to us.

Photo: Karolina Wiercigroch


88 St John St

When we’re at Luca, we know we’re about to have one of those nights. We’re either going to wake up in a Knightsbridge Hotel in bed with a total stranger or in a dumpster, and we’re going to max out a credit card in the process because yes, we’re doing this. Luca has that power. It’s an incredibly beautiful restaurant that does some of the best Italian food in the city, and will make you feel amazing in the process. They make all of their pasta from scratch in a kitchen that looks like it was lifted piece-by-piece from Tuscany, so you should go big on the pastas. Definitely get a plate of parmesan fries, which are like clouds of cheese-tinged joy.



35 Sclater St

A lot of places in London get insane hype only to underdeliver, and you’re left wondering why you still have trust issues. Smokestak actually exceeds expectations, and you should make plans to go there because they’re serving the best barbecue anywhere in town right now. The brisket and pastrami should absolutely be in your order. It’s worth noting that we’d happily come back here to sit at the bar for some snacks and their incredible peach Old-Fashioned.

Photo: Karolina Wiercigroch

Like Man City ‘supporters’ or people with gluten allergies, taco places seem to be popping up everywhere. We’re happy to say that Breddos are without doubt the best - the tortillas are perfect and the fillings are the kind of thing you spend idle bus journeys drooling over on social media. What’s more, it’s affordable and it works both as a fun hangout kind of place (order lots of drinks and linger in one of their booths) or as an in-and-out place to grab a quick lunch or dinner. Get the fish taco and the kung pao pork belly. Or else.

Photo: Karolina Wiercigroch

TĀTĀ Eatery

258 Kingsland Rd

It’s still rare to come across a fusion restaurant in London that isn’t either a bit gimmicky or a downright disaster, but TATA Eatery pulls it off brilliantly, combining ingredients from all over Europe and Asia. These guys started out as a stall in Druid Street Market, and now they’ve taken up a Wednesday to Sunday residency in a chilled coffee shop in Dalston. The fusion menu can mean anything from a rice bowl made with Galician blond steak to a sweet shrimp tartare with wasabi and shiso, and while it seems all over the place, everything comes out great. You’re going to need to do a couple of visits, because you’ll want to try as much of it out as possible.


Temper London

25 Broadwick Street

Dinner at Temper is a bit like watching a bout of KY wrestling - you don’t quite know what’s going on and you’re not sure you’ve seen it before, but you do definitely know that you kind of like it. It’s a restaurant that serves very tasty hunks of meat grilled on an open fire along with tacos and flatbreads, but with the grown-up feel of a nice steakhouse. It’s obviously a great place for a man date, but also civilised enough for actual dates too - it’s inherently blokey, but the decor and fancy list of mezcals class it up. The bar is the best place to sit to gawp at pieces of meat slowly rotating over a flame, but be warned that you’ll leave smelling like a fire at a woodchip plant.


The Shan State

100-102 Shaftesbury Ave

At least one of us is Burmese, and the question we get asked all the time is “Where can I eat Burmese food in London?”. We’re glad to say that The Shan State, a new spot in Chinatown, is the real deal. The food’s based around salads and light noodle dishes from the north of the country - think of a cross between Indian and Chinese cuisine and you won’t be far off. The best stuff is on the menu under ‘street foods’ and you definitely want to order the ‘state noodles’ and tea leaf salad, which is crunchy and salty and sour, and like a party in your mouth. We’d confidently bring our parents and siblings here, but you should grab a couple of adventurous friends and order a few things to try. Lunchtimes are quiet, so swing by for dinner.

Photo: Stan Lee


58 Brewer Street

It’s a great time to be eating Thai food in London right now, and the food at Kiln is some of the best in town. Don’t come expecting green curry though - the cooking here is northern Thai-style, so it’s way spicier but definitely more delicious than the pad thai at your local pub. The place looks a bit divey (in a good way) and the long bar is great meeting a friend and catching all the action from the kitchen, while downstairs is good if you’re with a small group. Definitely arrive early if you can.



50 Baker St

Yosma is a lively Turkish restaurant on Baker Street (translation: loud), and a great option for when you’ve left planning for that group dinner to the last minute. Baker Street doesn’t immediately spring to mind for cuisine that’s “authentic”, but Yosma does a good job of serving their upmarket take on Turkish food to the masses on any given night. If there happens to be a wait for a table, then we recommend passing time by knocking back a cocktail or three at the bar.

Photo: Karolina Wiercigroch
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