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Hours:FRIDAY11:30AM to 11:00PM

Formento’s is designed to feel like an old-school Italian restaurant, but there’s no mistaking the fact it’s shiny and new. The inside has big leather booths, tables that at times feel too big, white tablecloths, and proper service that makes you feel just fancy enough.

While we can get down with the atmosphere, we aren’t quite as excited about the food. The menu has the classics you would expect to see, but the serving size to price to quality ratio is all over the place. A $48 veal tomahawk is worth the price of admission, but instead of a $49 whole chicken Vesuvio, we’d take the Whole Food version for $7 any day. On the pasta side, our experience has been similar - the spicy twist on the penne alla vodka doesn’t beat the classic preparation for us, yet canestri with Sunday gravy exemplifies what red sauce is supposed to be.

Despite our ping pong thoughts on some of the food, we like Formento’s for some old school action in a fun and classy environment.

Food Rundown

Nonna’s Relish Tray

Great for sharing if you have at least four or more. Some small salads, olives, and vegetable mixes for a couple quick bites.

Wedding Soup

Talk about a party. The chicken meatballs make this soup.

Shrimp Scampi

Mixed feelings about the shrimp scampi. The large langostinos were sweet and delicious, but the sauce tasted like strictly butter opposed to a “scampi.” With a market price hovering around $30, around double any other appetizer, don’t think we like these enough to order them again.

Formento’s review image

Rigatoni Alla Vodka

The vodka sauce has a noticeable spicy twist. It’s almost like they made it with some giardiniera, even though we aren’t exactly sure. We appreciate the innovation, but prefer a more traditional version.

Formento’s review image

Canestri with Sunday Gravy

A hearty red sauce pasta with pork neck, meatballs, and fennel sausage. Order it.

Half Chicken Parmesan

It’s literally the size of an entire plate. Seriously, a big ss piece of chicken parm. Served with some spaghetti pomodoro and topped with mozzarella, it’s solid, and you’re going to have leftovers.

Formento’s review image

16 Oz. Veal Tomahawk

This on-the-bone veal is stuffed with a mushroom and marsala sauce mix. We like the stuffed meat, and the crisped edges make it complete.

Formento’s review image

Roasted Chicken Vesuvio

Half and whole portions are available. Neither excite us.

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