Don Pedro Carnitas

Don Pedro is a special place if you know what’s going on inside, and what’s going on inside is a whole lot of carnitas. Translated literally, carnitas means “little meats,” but in reality you’re going to get a lot of meat on a plate. The first thing you’re hit with walking in the door is the sight, sound, and smell of a huge pile of fried chicharrones (pork rinds) being chopped to pieces, a precursor for the porky goodness to come. Take a peek in the back to see the large quantities of pork simmering in giant copper pots - they’re doing things old school here.

Beginners should get the carnitas platter and stick to the basic white and dark pork meat, or get adventurous with a mix that includes pig ribs, liver, and skin. Either way it’ll come with warm tortillas, cilantro, onions, and salsa meant for excellent taco making, plus you’ll get some of those chicharrones from the front. Don’t forget cash, because it’s all they take.

On weekdays Don Pedro gets a steady crowd at lunch, and on the weekends you’d think it’s 2000 and Britney Spears is inside. The line starts early, but waiting is part of the experience, an experience we’re confident will prove to you why Don Pedro is a special place inside.

Food Rundown

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Carnitas Platter

Fried pork rendered in its own fat. You can get white meat, dark meat, ribs, skin, and stomach. A half order is $8 and more than enough food for one person, which means a whole order for $16 will easily feed two if not three. The platter comes with warm tortillas, cilantro, onions, pickled peppers, and chicharrones, so make yourself tacos until you can’t eat anymore.

Carnitas Taco

Don’t want a whole platter but need something on the go? Pop into Don Pedro and order carnitas tacos with chopped onions and cilantro for $2.50 a piece.

Beef Brain Tacos

Only available on the weekends, but worth a try in addition to your carnitas.

Don Pedro Carnitas review image

Pork Rinds

They’ll come with the platter. Eat them, and sprinkle them on the tacos you make too.

Goat Platter

Also only available on the weekends. Also very good. Split half a goat and half a carnitas platter with somebody else.

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