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13 Chicago Restaurants Perfect For Curing A Hangover

Fight any hangover with these restaurants.

Summer turns to fall. Fall turns to winter. Winter turns to spring. And then it starts all over again. But you know what doesn’t change? You’re going to drink year-round. And sometimes you’ll wake up the next day face-down on the floor fully clothed with a pounding headache not knowing how you got there. Such is life. The first thing you need to do is check for your phone and wallet and deliberately not look at your text messages from the night before. The next thing you need to do is eat.

Here are 13 restaurants perfect for curing the next day blues with a greasy meal and probably another drink. It will help. We promise.

The Spots

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Au Cheval


800 W Randolph St, Chicago
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Let’s be honest, this could just be a list of one. Single, bacon, egg, and you’re done, with both your order and the will to do anything else the rest of the day. You could also mix in some duck heart hash for a real banging time.

Don’t walk, run to Uncle Mike’s place for a Filipino breakfast when you had one too many the night before. And by run we mean order an Uber and exert as little energy as possible to get there. They’ll give you a bowl of lugao (Filipino porridge) for free as soon as you sit down to hold you over before the real fun begins. Get one of the Filipino specialities like a skirt steak or pork chop breakfast that come with eggs and garlic fried rice. It’s delicious, cheap, and casual, so no worries if you don’t look or feel your best.

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You might not want to go sit anywhere if you’re really struggling, and we fully support that. Instead, grab some carry out from Traspasada if you live nearby, or get that sh*t delivered because it’s the 21st and you can pay other people to run errands for you. It’s a win-win when you don’t have to move and a delicious steak burrito plus maybe a few tacos show up at your door.

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Dove's Luncheonette



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Dove’s is what happens when you mix a 1950’s style counter-only diner with a combination of Mexican and Southern-inspired food. That means dishes like fried chicken with chorizo gravy and eggs or burnt ends hash with Texas toast. It’s definitely interesting and also a little weird, but the food is heavy and filling and that’s exactly what you need after a long night. The diner format means it doesn’t have to be a whole productive, and it will absolutely hit the spot.

A skillet of bacon first thing in the morning when you wake up hungover sounds delicious. But instead of the Oscar Meyer you might be able to muster up yourself, go to The Publican where they will serve you some much fancier breakfast meats, along with oysters, beers, and anything else that you might need to start feeling normal again.

Tiztal Cafe is the best Mexican brunch in the city you haven’t heard of. It’s also one of our favorite brunches in general. Treat yourself to the chilaquiles and for the love of all that is sacred get an oatmeal milkshake.

We feel the need to tell you to eat bread pudding pancakes literally every chance we get. Cupcake pancakes are acceptable too, and biscuits and gravy. Pretty much anything here is delicious. Just get yourself to Southport.

Get yourself over to Flo for New Mexican classics like chorizo and eggs or breakfast tacos. You’re also going to need some friends so you can share a Fruity or Coco Pebbles french toast for the table. Or go it alone and order it all anyway. We won’t judge.

Don Pedro’s is a hole in the wall haven for carnitas. Take in the beauty and smell of the giant pork rinds being chopped up when you walk in the door, and bask in the glory of their porky goodness. This will make you feel better before you probably start to feel worse.

Cure your hangover with their fried chicken and waffles, but simultaneously work your way to the next hangover with the awesome whisky list too. Win-win, really.

If you don’t consider dim sum the perfect hangover cure, then you need to reevaluate everything you think you know about life. Pork buns, egg custards, it’s all beautiful. There are a few good dim sum spots around, but step-up your game at MingHin Cuisine.

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