Birrieria Zaragoza

Superlatives are all the rage these days. Best donut. Best fried chicken sandwich. Best ice cream. Best fried chicken sandwich between two donuts topped with ice cream. Good isn’t good enough, it has to be the best. It’s tough to anoint a single food item as the best, but Birrieria Zaragoza is definitively the best at something - goat tacos.

Yes. As in that damn animal who has cursed the Cubs for over 100 years. And Birrieria Zaragoza has some of the best goat we’ve ever eaten.

This casual spot is located on the west side of Pulaski between 48th and 49th. The menu is tiny, consisting only of goat platters, single goat tacos, goat quesadillas, and goat consommé. There are also cheese quesadillas on the menu, but we’ll call you all sorts of nasty names if we find out you ever order them here.

The goat platter is where it’s at, which comes with delicious tortillas, cilantro, hot peppers, and onions so you can make a few tacos on your own. Also feel free to add goat quesadillas or consommé as you please. Follow these simple instructions and you too can say you’ve had “the best” of a certain food. Who knows, maybe eating more goat will help the Cubs win another World Series. A kid can dream.

Food Rundown

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Birria Platter

The goat platter comes in two different sizes, large and small. The large one will give you enough meat to make about four solid tacos, and the small one obviously a little less. If you’re a first timer, go large, and indulge in many goat tacos.


A rich goat soup. You might as well get a small cup of it for $2.50 to compliment your platter of tacos. A medium and larger version also exist.

Birria Quesadilla

Goat and melty cheese make for a good time.

Birrieria Zaragoza review image

Birria Tacos

You can also order goat tacos individually pre-made at $3 a pop.

Cheese Quesadillia

Do not order these. Do not collect $200.

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