Zylberschtein's Deli

The best thing about the bagels from this Pinehurst Jewish deli is the chew—there's a lot to sink your teeth into without posing a concern for your mandible, paired with a sturdy, crusty shell. Go with a one-topping variety—like garlic or sesame—and due to their overall heft, order it with schmear over something like a pastrami breakfast sandwich. We’re big fans of the neon pink lox spread, complete with a not-overwhelming amount of salt and consistent smoked salmon flavor. 

If it's not breakfast time (or they've sold out of bagels by 10:30am), Zylberschtein's also happens to make the best pastrami in Seattle, complete with juicy lean meat and a perfect amount of melty fat. Go ahead and grab a sandwich, as long as you're prepared to drop $30 on it.

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