La Fontana Siciliana

After scrolling through yet another friend’s Italian vacation photo carousel, it’s fair to have some FOMO as they live out the plot of The Lizzie Mcguire Movie. But the patio at La Fontana Siciliana is the next best thing. This small garden courtyard is a total romantic scene, with candlelit dining tables, white tablecloths, and a gurgling tile fountain at the center of it all. Make sure to order the bruschetta to start, and follow up with the gorgonzola tortellini. These ring-shaped pockets of ricotta and joy—served in a funky cream sauce topped with pine nuts—are the ideal things to eat al fresco as water trickles in the background. In fact, after enough pinot grigio, the whole place feels more like a trattoria in Florence than directly across from a cannabis shop in the middle of Belltown.

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