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206 Burger Company

American in First Hill

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Cheap Eats
  • Kids
  • Lunch
  • Quick Eats
  • Serious Take-Out Operation
  • Strollers

206 Burger Company is the best burger spot that nobody’s talking about. Not only are the classics excellent here, but the milkshakes are perfect (get the Oreo), the fries strike the ideal balance between crispy and floppy, and the special sauce is kind of smoky. There are also some Indian-leaning items you probably didn’t see coming that are really tasty (like the masala-spiced chicken sandwich). We hope you’re a Seattle sports fan, because you can’t really escape the explosion of local team memorabilia in here. Go Hawks.

206 Burger Company review image

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