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Korean Superette review image

SF Review

Korean Superette

Korean Superette in Berkeley makes Korean comfort dishes like black soybean noodles, spicy tteokbokki with fish cake, and silky tofu stew. This place also doubles as a mini mart.

Sistory Thai Kitchen review image

SF Review

Sistory Thai Kitchen

Sistory Thai Kitchen in Berkeley is serving dishes we don’t often see at other casual Thai spots, like lobster ravioli tom kha, cod fish roti tacos, and Northern Thai specialties like kanoom jeen nam ngew.

Hashtag Poki review image

SF Review

Hashtag Poki

Hashtag Poki in Berkeley makes the best poke in the East Bay.

Nuevo Sol review image

SF Review

Nuevo Sol

Nuevo Sol is an excellent Mexican American breakfast and lunch spot in Berkeley.

Squabisch review image

SF Review


Squabisch is a German bakery in Berkeley specializing in excellent Swabian-style pretzels—thin arms and big bellies coated with sweet and savory toppings like salted caramel, cranberries, and melted asiago cheese.

Gather review image

SF Review


Gather in Berkeley does great pizzas in a space that feels relaxed (if aggressively rustic).