Bartavelle Coffee And Wine Bar

This Berkeley cafe will inspire you to lock your phone in a closet and stay all day—it’s the antithesis of rushing out of a place with a to-go cup at lightning speed. The gorgeous space, a major upgrade from their previous takeout window on San Pablo, is decked out with deep green tiles, and tons of seating and natural light—so embrace a never ending coffee date or lunch that lasts for hours. Also, their frequently changing pastries (made in-house) are flat-out incredible, from the golden-brown coconut macaroons to the scones so fluffy and buttery you’ll never look at a scone the same way again. The menu’s showstopper is the Persian breakfast (served Fridays and Saturdays only): it’s a simple yet perfectly balanced plate of creamy lebneh, pickles, jam, and a bright green heap of fresh herbs.  

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