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Cheese Board Pizza

When you tell people you’re visiting Berkeley, the first thing they usually say is, “You have to go to Cheese Board.” They’re not wrong. And before you start talking about wherever you’re from that does pizza better than Cheese Board, know that the people at Cheese Board are doing own thing, and they’re doing it very well. That thing is getting a bunch of the freshest vegetables at the farmer’s market every morning, then making one type of pizza with them until they run out of ingredients. Every day you’re getting something new (like lemon pizza, which is super good despite sounding like a sad dessert). The line is usually out the door, so if you don’t want to wait, you can always go to Sliver, their sister restaurant on Oxford. But you should go to Cheese Board at least once. And then, inevitably, many more times.

Virginia Mae Rollison

Cheese Board Pizza review image

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