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The SF Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In San Francisco

PHOTO: Krescent Carasso

Wondering where you should be eating in San Francisco right now? You’re in the right place. The Infatuation Hit List is your guide to the city’s best new restaurants.

And when we say “best new restaurants,” we mean it. Because we’ve tried every single one of these places - and we’ve also left off many spots that simply aren’t as worthy of your time and money.

The Hit List is our record of every restaurant that’s opened in the past year that we’d highly recommend you try. This guide is sorted chronologically, so at the top you’ll find our latest entries to this list (the newest spots), and as you keep scrolling you’ll find the places that are on the older side - but are great enough that we still haven’t stopped talking about them.

New to The Hit List (as of 5/23): Alba Ray’s, Contrada, Uma Casa, August 1 Five, A Mano.

The Spots


August 1 Five

Civic Center
525 Van Ness Ave

Upscale Indian restaurants decorated with large portraits of mustachioed men are apparently a thing now (see: Babu Ji) and so far, we are fully on board. August 1 Five just near the Civic Center is such a place, and its menu of creative and classic Indian dishes is very good. Besides excellent shareable plates (like palak chaat and a bunch of biryanis), the cocktails are stellar too. It’s a good dinner spot for almost any occasion, but if you need an excuse, it’s especially well-located for pre- or post-Bill Graham show meals. They’ll be serving weekend brunch soon as well - see you there.

Photo: August 1 Five / Facebook

Uma Casa

Noe Valley
1550 Church St

There aren’t too many things that bring us to Noe Valley. We don’t have kids or a dog stroller, so we mostly just feel like imposters. But Uma Casa is the kind of place that will start getting us there much more often. This Portuguese spot has awesome seafood, super-friendly service, and a great wine list that isn’t offensively priced. You should be ordering the spicy shrimp, octopus, and short rib. The bar is ideal for posting up solo, and also has a TV if you need to watch sports rather than interact with a human.

Photo: Krescent Carasso

A Mano

Hayes Valley
450 Hayes St

A Mano just opened, but already feels like a staple. This Italian spot in Hayes Valley is cool without trying too hard, just like everything else on Hayes Street. If you like Delarosa or Beretta, you’ll be excited about this place, which is from the same people (and potentially even better). Start with the asparagus (if you need something that’s not a carb), and then move on to any (or all) of the pastas, which are handmade and surprisingly affordable. Expect a bit of a wait, but Anina is just a couple doors down for drinks outside while you do. A Mano is our favorite new date spot around.

Photo: Aubrie Pick

Alba Ray's

2293 Mission St

This Cajun place does it right. The food and cocktails are remind us of stuff we’ve actually eaten in New Orleans, and the vibe is fun without trying to replicate the feeling of Bourbon-Street-after-drinking-one-to-three-hand-grenades. The jambalaya is fantastic, as are the roasted oysters, and all the fried food is as good as fried food can be. If you’ve never tried a sazerac before, this is a good place to drink one.



Cow Hollow
2136 Union St

Contrada is perfect if you want Delarosa-type pizza without the crowds or tyrannical hostesses. It’s way more laid-back than other spots in the Marina, and you probably won’t have to wait to get a table, but none of that means this restaurant is boring. They have a great outdoor deck, excellent pizza and pasta, and it’s perfect for dinner before a night out on Union. If you like things containing wheat, this will be your happy place.

Photo: Contrada / Facebook

Babu Ji

280 Valencia St

Babu Ji, the new Indian spot in the Mission, is in the running for our favorite new restaurant of the year. Yes, it has the exact same menu as the NYC original, but for good reason: the food is fantastic. There’s a fridge in the back to grab yourself a beer, and a cool private room that we have our eyes on for our next birthday. You can go with the tasting menu or do a la carte, and if you’re doing the latter, save room for the kulfi dessert. Thank us later, and maybe order a second one.

Photo: Katie Newburn


466 Eddy St

Does a Japanese sauna combined with a restaurant sound like something Gwyneth Paltrow dreamt up in a turmeric smoothie-induced endorphin overload? Perhaps. But lucky for us, Onsen in the Tenderloin serves great food that doesn’t involve macrobiotic wheatgrass. While the sauna situation is a little odd, and half the people eating have wet hair after coming from the spa, the place has a chill vibe and excellent, surprisingly affordable food. Definitely get the lamb skewers.

Photo: Facebook / Onsen


2223 Market St

There might be a lot of excellent Japanese food in SF at the moment (and on this list), but Nomica does things a bit differently. This fusion-y place on Market has one of the more interesting menus we’ve come across in a while. If you’re a planner, you can call a day ahead and get an entire chicken baked inside a brioche carved at your table. It costs $100 and looks like something served at a feast in Game of Thrones. Even if that’s not your style, you won’t be disappointed with their stellar salmon belly, risotto, and laminated brioche rolls (and no, we don’t know what a laminated roll is).

Photo: Lisa Keenan


Cow Hollow
2030 Union St

What was once Betelnut in Cow Hollow has become a whole lot fancier now that it’s Flores. But that doesn’t mean things are serious - this Mexican spot is really fun, with all the carnitas, tostadas, and ceviche you could want. Start with the sikil p’ak - a pumpkin, tomato, and lime dip - and move on to the chili colorado (AKA saucy short ribs and rice). Whether you’re planning a girls night out, or just want a cocktail and some snacks, Flores is a winner. There are no reservations though, so be prepared to wait.

Photo: Facebook / Flores

They couldn’t just open a restaurant or a factory or a manufacturing plant - Tartine had to make up its own word and invent the Manufactory. Located inside the Heath Ceramics store/factory in the Mission, the new Tartine space involves a coffee bar, a cafe, a bakery, an ice cream store, and also lots of fine pottery for sale to make you feel poor. It’s gorgeous and the food is also fantastic - and very similar to the options at Tartine Bakery. There will be a line, but it moves pretty quickly, so don’t lose your sh*t when you show up and see a horde of people fiending for gluten.

Photo: Krescent Carasso

Remember when it was cool in high school to have parties that consisted of drinking in a basement? You can relive those glory days with way better drinks and way better food at Louie’s Gen-Gen Room. This cocktail bar that also serves decadent savory waffles and a few other very good small plates is reservations-only, hidden underneath Liholiho Yacht Club and absolutely worth your time.

Photo: Krescent Carasso


1270 Valencia St

If you have pasta diabetes and your insulin shot is some cacio e pepe, Barzotto is your lifeline. The new Mission spot’s setup is order-at-the-counter, snag a table, and quickly get delivered some seriously legitimate pasta. The salads and meatballs and porchetta are also all excellent, as is the wine list - with every bottle priced at $40. Not a spot for a leisurely dinner, but definitely a spot to check out and order as many pastas as your table will fit. You may have to get up and order more.



1335 Fulton St

One of several very expensive omakase places to open this year, Ju-Ni is killer. It will also kill your wallet, so probably reserve it for special occasions and/or attempted self-bankruptcy. The tiny space right off Divis is quite calm, and has some of the best sushi we’ve had outside Japan. The tobiko with shaved liver mousse on top is incredible.

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