Mister Jiu’s

Perfect For: Dinner with the Parents Impressing Out of Towners Special Occasions Unique Dining Experience

Some things just have it. Riley Curry, DJ Khaled’s Snapchat, all things Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tonga Room after your third mai tai. It’s impossible to put your finger on why these things have It, they just hit all the right notes. Mister Jiu’s take on Chinese food has it, and we have fallen hard.

The menu at this Chinatown restaurant, which throws unusual ingredients into the mix with the usual suspects, is interesting and delicious but not trying too hard. Updating classics like baby bok choy with prosciutto and fried rice with cured tuna hearts might sound like a bold decision, but Mister Jiu’s manages to nail it, bringing you something both new and delicious.

Unless you’re eating at the bar, your only choice is to go with the $69 a person, five-course family-style banquet. You’ll get some options to choose from, and you’ll also want to add on dessert at the end.

The energy in the room is palpable, and the space - with its impressive view and fancy chandeliers - feels special without being pretentious. It’s a hard move to pull off, but Mister Jiu’s manages it flawlessly. Maybe because the service is so great, and everyone - from the staff to the diners - seems pumped to be there.

Krescent Carasso

If you’re looking to have a special dinner, to impress people, or to mix up your typical night out, Mister Jiu’s is the place. This is one of the most unique meals you can have in the city - certainly a lot more fun, and less formal, than other prix fixe options around.

So when we’re itching for a dose of that indescribable it, we’ll be back for more of that fried rice. Who are we kidding, we don’t need an excuse - we’ll be back no matter what.

Food Rundown

Fried Rice

This is an addictively good dish, with beef tenderloin and rich, salty cured tuna hearts (be bold - it’s delicious).

Beef Tartare

A special, and if it’s on offer, you need it. Salty and spicy with some jalapenos - pretty damn incredible.

Cheong Fun

Not your average spring rolls, since there’s lobster and sometimes uni involved. A fork and knife situation that is very tasty.

Baby Bok Choy

The sauce, scallops, and prosciutto liven this up, and we love it.

Steamed Alaskan Halibut

About as good as steamed halibut can get. The broth is rich and delicious and it’s an excellent piece of fish. You can get more interesting stuff here, though, so maybe skip.

Roasted Quail

Sticky rice and cherries and perfectly cooked quail. Not a huge dish, but a very satisfying one.

Black Sesame Cake

Super interesting with a sort of sesame cracker on the bottom. It can be a little dry sometimes, but still tastes fantastic.

Coconut Dessert

A crispy rice cracker situation with cherry sauce and coconut ice cream. Best dessert we’ve had at Mister Jiu's. Get after it.

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