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Village Yokocho


Village Yokocho is definitely a great date spot. Why? Well first of all, the restaurant is full of all sorts of action. It's a lively mix of big drunk groups and young trendy couples, and everyone (including the staff) seems to be having a pretty great time.

Second, the restaurant is connected to well known, sexy Japanese lounge called Angel's Share. Everybody in the lounge must be seated, so things stay civilized.

Eats at Yokocho followed by intimate drinks and light groping in the lounge You've had worse nights.

Food Rundown

Deep Fried Squid Legs

A popular order at Village Yokocho, and we like them. Don't expect to see calamari though. These are thin squid tentacles, lightly fried and served with a mound of mayo. A little chewy, but good nonetheless.

Yakitori Assortment

There are better places for Yakitori in town, but an assortment of meat on a stick never really disappoints. Order this if you're really in the mood for it, but we'll probably skip the grill next time and go for more noodle/dumpling dishes.

Pork Ramen

A decent bowl of porky noodles that will do the job, but nothing close to some of our favorite cuisine slug="ramen"Ramen/cuisine establishments around town.

King Crab Dumplings

Recommended by our Japanese waiter with a sweet tattoo sleeve (lots of that here), these dumplings were awesome.


We're becoming quite fond of the bibimbap here at the Infatuation, but this one just wasn't as good as some of the others we've had recently.

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