Two Hands

Let’s start here: Two Hands is one of those coffee shops that everyone posts Instagrams from. If you pay attention to such things, this is very old news to you, as this laid back cafe was one of the early beneficiaries of the photogenic food movement on social media. Pretty pictures of avocado toast turned out to be a pretty successful way to bring people to your food establishment, and by people we mean young people. Come to Two Hands on a bank holiday, and the place basically looks like the crowded lunchroom of an affluent high school. In Melbourne. For models.

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But Celine bags and smartphones aside, there is actually a much bigger reason that Two Hands has become so successful, and it all boils down to one thing - Australians. The place is run by and filled with Aussies, and that’s a great thing. Why? Think about it this way. Have you ever met a mean Australian? Seriously. Find me one Aussie that isn’t the friendliest f*cking person in the room, and I’ll buy you a domesticated miniature koala. Because guess what? Neither of those things exist.

That’s why Two Hands has basically become the Infatuation’s satellite office. Since moving our HQ down to the neighborhood, it’s become our go-to spot for meetings, breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon coffee runs, mostly because the people here are so friendly. The food is solid and the coffee drinks are excellent, and that matters, too. But we keep coming back because it’s basically the opposite of Dimes - a place where you can walk in off the street and be treated well while you eat your acai bowl, regardless of who you are. Even if you’re only there to take a picture of it.

Food Rundown

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Acai Bowl

It’s pretty, and that’s why you’re going to order it. The granola on top is even gluten free, just in case you have a gluten allergy, which statistically, you probably don’t. But still.

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Avo Toast

When you order avocado toast at Two Hands, you must know two things. First, DO NOT say the “cado” part. Aussies shorten all words in to much better words like “brekkie” and “sambo,” and you best follow suit. Second, order it with the scrambled eggs on top. Maybe even say, “with scrambo.” Actually, no, don’t say that.

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Ricotta Toast

There’s bread under there. Promise. Cranberry pecan bread from Balthazar to be exact. Good for you for eating bread.

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Bacon & Egg Sambo

A good egg sandwich with bacon on brioche. Get it with some avo on it.

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Corn Fritters

One of the bigger portions of food at Two Hands, so head in this direction if you’re super hungry or just really passionate about food stacked vertically. The fritters are excellent, held together with avo as mortar and topped with a poached egg. Can’t go wrong.

Little Italy Sandwich

An excellent, albeit somewhat small, Italian-style sandwich with mozzarella, prosciutto, and tomato on a baguette. We get this for lunch often, and supplement with a side of banana bread.

Banana Bread

A “signature” item at Two Hands, this banana bread is gluten free (for that allergy you probably don’t have) and best when topped with other stuff, like ricotta and honey.

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