Traif is awesome. It's exactly the kind of restaurant we'd love to frequent, and would happily set up shop here permanently if we weren't constantly running around trying new places. Infatuation Nation was in our ear about this one, and, as usual, the good people who email and tweet at us came through with a winner. The name says it all. Traif is a Hebrew word used to describe everything us Jews aren't "supposed" to eat like pig and shellfish, and that's exactly what they creatively celebrate.

The restaurant has a great vibe. It's vibrant but low key with excellent music choices (Frightened Rabbit, The Roots), an open kitchen, and a nice sized garden in the back. It's a great option for parties of 6-10 as the menu is meant for sharing, and the spacing at each table is perfect for group conversation. Most importantly, the food is fantastic and the price is right. We are, however, a little concerned. For some reason, Traif isn't getting the love it deserves. It was only half full when we recently stopped by, and a friend of ours who lives next door reports that's generally the story on most nights. It's possible that the location is holding it back, as it's off the beaten path in Williamsburg a bit. Or maybe people just don't know about it yet? Whatever the reason, we need to change that. Get Traif to the top of your Hit List and tell all your friends.

Food Rundown

Duck Confit Lettuce Wraps

One of Traif's signature dishes - this one cannot be missed. It's a make-your-own lettuce wrap with shredded duck confit and banana-tamarind prik, whatever that is.

Braised Pork Belly

Possibly our favorite thing on the menu. The tender pieces of marmalade-glazed belly are served over a slaw-type salad with avocado, corn, and tomato. Incredible.

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Sautéed Broccoli Rabe

Even Traif's attempts at a healthy dish are seriously gluttonous. This rabe is served with roasted portabella, truffle toast, and a big fat fried egg. So good.

Thai Spicy-Sweet Chili Glazed Calamari

Yup, it's as tasty as it sounds. Fried calamari with all kinds of extra flair that brings to mind the blue corn meal crusted calamari we love from Yerba Buena Perry. Make sure you order two of these if you're with a big group. It'll go fast.

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Strawberry-­Cinnamon Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Traif really knows how to make your mouth water just with the menu descriptions alone. Who in their right mind could possibly come here and NOT order Strawberry-Cinnamon Glazed Ribs? Not us. Definitely order a plate of these.

Lamb & Chorizo Meatballs

Yep. That happened too. And it was awesome.

Fresh Alaskan Spot Prawns with Garlic, Olive Oil, Pimento

The one dish we'd advise not to mess around with. These prawns just weren't as good as everything else we sampled.

Traif review image

Seared Foie Gras

Damn, breakfast for dinner never tasted so good. Seared foie gras is served with fingerling potatoes, ham chips, and a egg sunny side up with maple and hot sauce. Ridiculous.

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Bacon Doughnuts

What better way to end a super healthy dinner than with bacon infused doughnut holes? Obviously, these are awesome.

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