Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs

Tiny’s is really cute. And if you claim that isn’t the main reason why you come here, you’re lying to yourself. This Tribeca restaurant is located in its very own three-story, pastel pink townhouse, and the inside is filled with candles, exposed brick, and black-and-white photos. As the name suggests, there’s a little bar upstairs, and if you can manage to grab one of the few barstools, it’s a great spot to drink a martini and eat some oysters. If you’re stopping by with a date or having a casual meal with a friend, though, just get a table. It’s never too hard to snag one. Order the thick burger on a fluffy brioche bun and enjoy a perfectly nice kale salad with plenty of crunch from apples, celery, and pecans. Tiny’s also serves lunch and brunch, and they do a Sunday supper that costs $150 and feeds two to four.

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