The NoMad Bar

Perfect For: Action at the Bar Date Night Drinks & A Light Bite First/Early in the Game Dates Impressing Out of Towners Scoping Hot Girls/Guys

By our calculations, this is the eleventh dining room to open for business inside The NoMad Hotel, and we’ve covered pretty much all of them, from Sweetgreen, to the NoMad restaurant itself, and even the upstairs tasting menu-only rooftop, when it was unfortunately open for business. Now all that’s left for us to take on is room service, which we’ll be doing soon, in a hard-hitting piece of journalism that we’re calling “Room Service: The Real Truth.” Watch yourself, Vice.

With The NoMad Bar, Team NoMad has decided to move into the world of next-level bar food and fancy cocktails. The space is unattached to the formal restaurant, though it has a similar vibe: it’s elegant, it’s dark, and it’s the kind of place that makes you feel awesome. And for what it is - a bar that offers a full, expensive, menu full of casual(ish) food - it’s really damn good. Just know that this isn’t the “after work with the homies” bar. This is the once-in-a-while bar, best saved for those times you want to impress someone, or maybe just impress yourself a little bit.

Regardless of who you’re impressing, they should probably be someone that you’d also take to a nice dinner, because the NoMad bar will cost you about the same. Cocktails are $16, a glass of wine can run you $20, and the burger, which is great, but barely larger than a slider, is $18. That’s par for the course in the New York restaurant economy, but this is probably not a bar you can afford to linger in or visit often. Unless, that is, you come just for the Cookies & Cream dessert, which you should as often as you possibly can. We’ll explain in the Food Rundown, but good lord it’s amazing. How long until that thing gets its own footprint in this building?

Food Rundown

Carrot Tartare

There are a bunch of vegetables on the NoMad bar menu, but who wants to eat vegetables when there’s a pot pie at the table next to you? If you are going to go the veggie route, this carrot tartare is a nod to chef Daniel Humm’s famous dish that’s long been a staple on the Eleven Madison Park menu, and we love it. It’s pretty much the best cole slaw you’ll ever eat.

Clams In Broth With Corn, Bacon & Tomato

Go with the local steamed cherrystones in broth, and drink a big, hoppy IPA with it.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

If you’ve had a couple stiff drinks, this guy sounds pretty damn appetizing. You’ll definitely regret it in the morning, and you can get an equally enjoyable bacon wrapped dog at Crif Dogs for a quarter of the price, but whatever. Live in the moment. It also has black truffle on it, which is the only way we can figure that ground up pig parts in a bun could cost $14.


As previously stated, we love this burger. It’s laced with bone marrow, so it has a very rich, meaty flavor to it. We also like that it’s not huge, so you can continue to assault the menu in other areas.

Chicken Pot Pie With Black Truffle & Foie Gras

The crown jewel of the menu here is the pot pie - a re-imagined version of the Chicken for Two with Foie Gras next door at the The NoMad. It’s a $36 production that includes table-side preparation, and it’s definitely delicious and Perfect For a cold winter night. Just make sure you’re sharing it with someone. No one should be eating like this alone.

Cookies & Cream

Quite possibly our desert island dessert. This dish consists of what basically looks like frozen Cadbury eggs, but the outside is made of the chocolate crunchy bits you find in the middle of Carvel cakes, and the inside is made with homemade vanilla ice cream. It’s absurd and amazing, and we need to figure out how to stock our refrigerator with it. Rumor has it the rest of the desserts here are great, too, which includes their own custom NoMad Bar Chocolate Bar. Save room.


The NoMad Bar is serious about their drinks. We’ve had several, and they were all good, expensive, and headache-inducing. As they should be.

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