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Sushi Dojo

Perfect For: Adventurous Eating

Everyone loves a new sushi spot, and the current flavor of the week is Sushi Dojo in the East Village. "The Dojo," as we like to call it, is known for a very good 10 piece omakase that costs just $45, and also for having an in-house sake expert. We like sake, we like a good sushi value, and we like experts. Let's do this.

Within a few minutes of taking our seats at the counter, we figured out why people love Sushi Dojo so much. The resident sake sensei had us five glasses deep into a "tasting" before the hot towels even arrived. By the time the nigiri started coming, we had "sampled" (taken shots of) pretty much every bottle in the house, and they could have started serving us choice cuts from the Duane Reade sushi department and we probably still would have loved it. Smart move, sake master.

Sake bombing aside, we really were impressed with the quality of everything we ate at The Dojo. This is a serious sushi establishment, and you know it the second you look at what's happening behind the counter. At any given moment, one of the chefs will be wrestling with an octopus tentacle that looks like a prop from Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, expertly slicing pieces of a unique fish like Tasmanian Trout, or getting ready to euthanize a live soft shell crab before it's promptly served to a customer. Everything is extremely fresh and very good, but this is most definitely not a place for a sushi novice. If you're the kind of person that prefers your spicy tuna rolls "crunchy," you may want to consider spending your money at Kotobuki or Kanoyama nearby. Then again, you might find a new sense of adventure once the sake expert gets a hold of you. How much until you're ready to eat this?

Food Rundown


The 10 piece omakase for $45 was impressive. We were served several fish we'd never had before, like the aforementioned Tasmanian Trout, and even the usual stuff, like fatty tuna and uni from Santa Barbara was exceptional. This is the way you want to go at Sushi Dojo, and they'll take your lead if you're more partial to a certain kind of fish over another. For instance, we should have told them no raw shrimp, because they served us some, and we don't get down on uncooked prawns. So f*cking slimy.

Slow Poached Octopus

OK so this thing made for a great picture, but the real question is should you eat it? We'd say probably not, unless you're either really into sort of slimy stuff or you were born on a fishing boat. We are neither of those things, but we're glad we tried it.

Jumbo Pacific Oyster

All of those things that we said about the octopus apply here too. Thisgigantic oyster is going to test how much you really like oysters, and it also might ruin you on them forever. It's just so effing big. Our chef prepared it by putting stuff on top of it, and then slicing it into about six pieces. It was delicious, but still hard to put down. Proceed with caution.

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