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It must have been around 10 o’clock that Akon started playing at club volume.

That sentence may either delight you or terrify you. It also may surprise you, considering this is a review of a high end, expensive sushi restaurant. Honestly, it surprised us too, though once it was followed by shots of sake sent down by some dudes down the bar (they had a big bottle) and another round offered up by the manager on our way out, it seemed only fitting. At that point, I believe a Flo Rida song was on full blast.

Since it opened, Sushi Dojo has been known as a fun, somewhat lighthearted option on the high end sushi scene, especially compared to its generally temple-like, quiet, serious counterparts. And after checking in again after a few years, that is truer than ever. At least on a Saturday night, expect to possibly hear 2010-era club bangers.

The sushi here remains very, very good. You’ll get some straightforward fresh fish, but in fitting with the party-time theme, also expect pieces topped with foie gras and things like sea urchin rolled up in seared toro. You might even come across a gold leaf. At the bar, you’re locked into the $90, 15-piece omakase (or a more expensive sushi and sashimi combo), and that’s the way to go if you can swing it, but at tables you can go a la carte or get a $60, 10-piece option.

There are very few places offering an omakase this good for under $100, so Dojo gets serious points for that. Deciding whether it's for you just depends whether you prefer to keep your fancy sushi experiences more zen, or if you aren't mad at the idea of your toro with a side of "Smack That" in the company of some mid-level investment bankers.

Food Rundown

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If you sit at the bar, you'll have the 15-piece omakase for $90. Considering how rich some of the pieces are, you'll most certainly be full by the end. If you sit at a table, there are some less expensive options, but sitting at the bar at a high end sushi establishment improves the experience enough that we think this is really the only way to go. Below, find some examples of the kind of pieces you might see.

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Sushi Dojo review image

Sushi Dojo review image

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