The NYC Late Night Delivery Guide

If you’re looking for food when it’s almost ‘tomorrow’, order delivery from any of these 16 spots.
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While you usually have a vague idea of when and what you’ll be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you don’t usually think about getting late-night food until it’s already late-night. And then when salt and fat suddenly seem as necessary as fluffed pillows and accessible phone chargers before going to bed, you’re left scrambling to find something more exciting than the shredded wheat in your pantry. Thanks to the 16 spots on this guide, you don’t need to scramble anymore.

The Spots


West Village

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The Cloisters is temporarily closed and The Knicks have had to take a break from losing, but one NYC institution that’s still here for you is Joe’s. Order their thin, foldable, fantastic NY-style pies from any of their five locations around Manhattan and Williamsburg, all of which deliver until midnight or later every day.

Tatsu Ramen


From a directorial debut that went on an hour too long to a virtual date that went on for an hour too short, there are countless reasons you may feel like hovering your face over a steaming bowl of soup at 11pm. When that urge hits, order the “soul ramen” with beef and pork for delivery from Tatsu Ramen in the East Village.

Barrow Street Ale House


Sports bars are judgment-free zones. Granted, the people sitting next to you may insult you, your parents, and your non-existent significant other based on how you react to a foul call, but at least they won’t bat an eye when you order a Lynchburg lemonade, basket of buffalo wings, and cheesesteak at 2am. And nobody will think twice when those things arrive at your doorstep from Barrow Street Ale House. This West Village sports bar delivers until 2am daily, and 3am Thursday-Saturday.

The Commodore is the kind of place where you can hang out for hours eating bar snacks and sipping frozen pina coladas, or show up for a tequila banderas and fried chicken sandwich at the end of the night. And thanks to The Commodore’s takeout and delivery menu, your apartment is that kind of place now too. Order takeout or delivery from this Williamsburg bar until 11pm every day.

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Ray’s is like a state fair, but without the adults trying way too hard to win stuffed animals. This classic East Village spot’s deep-fried Twinkies, chili-cheese dogs, soft serve ice cream, and banana split sundaes are available for delivery every day until midnight, and takeout until 4am.

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Harlem Shake serves a bunch of different burgers, including one topped with mayo and jerk fries, and just as many chicken sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with any of them, especially at 2am with a side of chili cheese fries, but you can and will go wrong if you don’t get a shake as well.

Whether you get chicken parm with spaghetti pomodoro or a pizza topped with meatball ragu from Lil’ Frankies, you’ll have enough food to get you through the first two hours of Gone With The Wind tonight, and enough leftovers for the second two hours tomorrow morning. Delivery is available until midnight during the week and 2am on weekends.

Frank is from the same people as Lil Frankies, and this East Village spot also offers delivery until midnight or later every day. But rather than pizzas, the focus here is on pastas, like orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage, or squid ink linguini with seafood.

Just because you’re sitting by your router rather than standing by the bartender who smiled at you once in 2017, you can still keep your post-bar routines intact. Specifically, you can still end the night with a falafel wrap or beef gyro platter from any of the three locations of Halal Guys, which all deliver until midnight or later every day.

You think adding the caramel-topped bread pudding to your order from The Black Swan is over the top? Well, that ship already sailed with the “swanimal fries” covered in melted cheese and caramelized onions, or with the fried chicken doused in jalapeno gravy. So you might as well just go all in, and throw in some Maltesers with your delivery order from this English pub in Bed-Stuy.

Almost every dish at Empanada Mama consists of combinations of meats and sauces inside pockets of bread. But knowing that is about as informative as knowing Eleven likes waffles. The very long menu at this Hell’s Kitchen diner ranges from a massive breakfast burrito to spicy chicken arepas to 25 different types of empanadas, and it’s all available for takeout or delivery until midnight every day.



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On the one hand, you want something delicious, but on the other, you don’t want to feel like sh*t when you wake up in a few hours. Rather than sacrifice your morning, or worse, your late-night meal, order sushi from Sushi Dojo in the East Village. Everything from individual pieces of nigiri to 15-piece omakase boxes are available for delivery until 11pm daily.

The good news is Patricia’s has most of the key late-night food groups - from pizza and chicken parm to rigatoni alla vodka and cannolis - available for takeout and delivery until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. The bad news is the menu at this classic Italian-American spot in Morris Park is very long, and without some impressive willpower, you’re going to end up eating leftover fettuccine alfredo and four-cheese pizza for days, which actually doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Melba’s in Harlem offers takeout until midnight and delivery until 11pm every day. Melba’s also serves Southern fried chicken with eggnog waffles and strawberry butter. You could compartmentalize these two pieces of information, but that’d be a very strange thing to do. Instead, consider them together the next time you’re looking for some fantastic late-night food.

The burritos at Maya Taqueria are approximately the size of 1980s car phones. You certainly won’t need to order anything else, but you won’t complain about having a few churros afterwards, or finding some chicken mole tamales in your fridge tomorrow. Their locations in Prospect Heights and Park Slope are offering pickup and delivery until 11:45pm every day.

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