Revelie Luncheonette

When you can’t decide whether you want to go to a lowkey diner or a cute little bistro, split the difference and go to Revelie Luncheonette. This walk-in only Soho spot looks like a 1950s soda shop designed by someone who works at Restoration Hardware, and while you can get burgers and really good crinkle-cut fries here, you can also get clams casino and a bottle of rosé. Grab a seat on a chrome diner stool for a solo lunch at the counter, or post up at a booth with your friends for a late-night dinner. Either way, order an ice cream float from the old-fashioned soda fountain. The food is as good as you'd expect from the Raoul's team, but more importantly, eating here makes us feel like the main characters in a classic NYC sitcom.

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