Julia & Henry's

Julia & Henry's is a three-story Downtown food hall with a striking interior that consists of transparent floors, white surfaces, and a glass elevator in the middle of everything that kind of looks like a massive straw. On a busy weekend night, there might be a line out the door—and there’s a little nightclub hidden inside too.

But despite the bells and whistles, Julia & Henry's doesn’t feel terribly different from Miami’s other food halls (at least in terms of food). Most of what you’ll eat is just fine. It’s not the most affordable option either, and you can expect restaurant prices from a lot of the 20-plus vendors inside. The taco concept Tacotomía—which serves really good chilaquiles and a few different types of tacos on the second floor—is the one standout so far (although still pricey at $15 for two tacos).

Julia & Henry's is worth checking out for lunch during the week (when it’s not so crowded and cramped). But if you’ve never really liked food halls, nothing here will change your mind. 

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