Where To Find Birria Tacos In Miami

In case all this talk about birria tacos is making you hungry.

Where To Find Birria Tacos In Miami guide image

photo credit: Tasty Planet

If there was a 2020 taco popularity contest, the birria taco would probably come in first place. There’s nothing necessarily new about these slowly-simmered beef- or goat-filled tacos. The dish has roots in Tijuana and Jalisco, but they’ve really exploded in popularity across the United States lately, thanks to a shared love of crispy, cheesy tacos that you can dip in savory bowls of consomé. And while Miami might not have as many birria options as a city like LA, there are still some places serving their own versions. Here are five options to try.

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The Spots

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El Primo Red Tacos


El Primo is a birria taco pop-up from the team behind Pez, a Downtown Mexican restaurant. They run El Primo out of the restaurant Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5pm to 10pm. In terms of sheer birria options, this place has the most in town. They offer quesabirria tacos, birria tacos topped with bone marrow, birria ramen, and even a birria smash burger that’s available only on the weekends. So whether you are new to the world of birria or already in love, this is a good place to go.

This food truck specializes in birria tacos, and you can find them parked in Edgewater (163 NE 24th St.) Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30pm to 11:30pm. They use beef in their birria tacos, and serve them up crispy with a side of consomé. Also on the menu here: some massive nachos, Takis-dusted corn, and a hot chicken sandwich, because why not?

La Tiendita is a Mexican restaurant in Wynwood with sidewalk seating, margaritas, and a birria taco option, which is, you know, why they’re on this list. They use brisket for their birria tacos, which come on corn tortillas with diced yellow onion, cilantro, Oaxaca cheese, and, of course, the requisite cup of consomé for dipping. On Tuesdays, they do a deal where you can get ten tacos and two margaritas for $45.

Taco Baja Republic


Taco Baja Republic is a food truck parked on Bird Road that sells trios of beef birria tacos as well as regular al pastor and carne asada tacos. You can get your birria with or without cheese, though we’re firmly pro-cheese on this one. Taco Baja Republic is also available for delivery, too.

Pilo’s is a Mexican spot with locations in Brickell and Wynwood. Both of them are selling birria tacos, but only on the weekends. The Wynwood location (which is called Pilo’s Tequila Garden) is more of a bar/lounge and the Brickell location is more of a place to sit down and eat. But, regardless how much tequila you want to drink, the important thing is that you can order short rib birria tacos at both locations on Saturday and Sunday.

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