Dumplings Mi Amor

We're not a ramen town. Which is why every citizen of Dade County should go to Dumplings Mi Amor in Downtown. This wooden dining room with lighting that flashes like an ambulance is where you’ll find the near-flawless bowl of ramen you were pretty sure Miami didn’t have. Your favorite anime would have a tough time drawing a shoyu ramen that looks as perfect as the one here. And if, hypothetically, a clerical error forced Dumplings Mi Amor to go without noodles for a day, we’d still drive here to slurp the Sapporo ramen’s miso broth with its little bits of ground pork. There’s other good stuff on the menu, like creamy blue crab rangoons with a kimchi lime butter dipping sauce. But don’t let the name fool you: this is a ramen destination—and the very best one in Miami. 

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photo credit: Cleveland Jennings / @eatthecanvasllc

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