15 Miami Pop-Ups To Know About Right Now guide image


15 Miami Pop-Ups To Know About Right Now

You should really check out these places before they’re gone.

Miami’s current pop-up scene requires some serious organizational skills and a sophisticated spreadsheet to keep up with. It seems like every week there’s something delicious being cooked outside a brewery. And because the last thing you need in your life is another spreadsheet, we made a guide to the many Miami pop-ups that’ve caught our eye, and won over our stomachs.

It’s worth stating the obvious here: pop-ups move around a lot. This is why we’ve linked out to each one’s Instagram page in this guide. That’s where you can probably find their most current location info, so double check before you leave the house.

The Spots

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3300 Grand Ave, Miami
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Follow Isabel’s On Instagram

Isabel’s is a plant-based pop-up that’s been bouncing around Miami over the last year, doing stints at Union Beer Store, Over Under, and the Saturday Coconut Grove farmer’s market, which (at the time of this writing) is their current home. They’ve made lots of really tasty-looking things, like vegan chorizo tacos, adorable little Fruity Pebbles donuts, and a fried oyster mushroom sandwich, which we tried and absolutely loved.

Follow Peacock Ramen On Instagram

Like the name implies, Peacock Ramen specializes in ramen - tonkotsu, shoyu, vegan, and more versions. But Peacock has also branched out into other types of food too, like making a Spam yakisoba at J Wakefield that almost made us pass out with joy (pictured above). Since they move around a lot this is definitely a pop-up to consider turning on Instagram notifications for, but right now, you can find them every Saturday at Little Havana’s Union Beer.

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Follow Liger’s On Instagram

If you are a person who appreciates a simple, delicious chocolate chip cookie, consider sliding into Liger’s DMs. This pop-up sells soft, chewy cookies for delivery and pick up (Wed-Sun) at the Downtown clothing store Andrew. Chocolate chip is normally the move here, but they just added some outstanding lemon cookies to their menu that have just enough lemon flavor, and a thin icing that cracks and melts in your mouth when you bite into it. You can place an order on their website.

Follow Panolo On Instagram

Panolo is the pop-up behind one of Miami’s best pan con bistec, that crunchy meaty cousin of the Cuban sandwich. And they also have other great bread-and-meat creations that occasionally make it on the menu, like a cheeseburger/frita hybrid they call a Brita and a carne asada cheesesteak. Their home base is at Little Havana’s Union Beer every Thursday night, but stay tuned to their Instagram because they pop up at other venues around town.

Follow Wolf Of Tacos On Instagram

The Wolf of Tacos is not a taco investment hedge fund, but rather an al pastor pop-up making some of Miami’s finest tacos at various locations around town. Right now, Mr. Wolf and his associates are at J Wakefield in Wynwood Tuesday and Friday, as well as Space Park Friday and Saturday. They offer options like pork, chicken, and steak, all dressed simply with cilantro, diced white onions, and salsa.

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Ted's Burgers

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Follow Ted’s On Instagram

Ted’s Burgers is a Wynwood pop-up operating out of J. Wakefield on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm until sold out. They do smash burgers here - the kind that are smashed within a millimeter of their lives, which results in the patty having these incredibly thin, crispy edges. It’s a technique we approve of, because the result is delicious.

Follow Apocalypse BBQ On Instagram

Apocalypse BBQ is a pop-up that started during the pandemic (hence the name). Their current home is at Boxelder in Wynwood, every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday from 2pm until sold out. They’re serving some great barbecue, including classics like ribs (beef and pork) and brisket. Both have the kind of beautiful, dark bark that we see on the barbecue meats of our dreams. Another thing you should absolutely order here are the Pineapple Express Pork Belly Burnt Ends, which are glossy bits of pork belly covered in a sweet pineapple, mango, habanero sauce.

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The Dumpling Lady


Follow The Dumpling Lady On Instagram

Dumpling Lady is another member of the J Wakefield pop-up family tree. You can find the dumpling vendors outside the Wynwood brewery on Wednesdays, and also at the delivery ghost kitchen Munch in Coconut Grove. You can also place an order for pick up or delivery via their website. Their dumpling varieties include char siu pork, sesame chicken, Mongolian beef, and other rotating options.

Follow HaoChi On Instagram

HaoChi is a dumpling pop-up that’s been making some really incredible food over at Calle Ocho’s Union Beer Store for the last year. Their current hours are Sunday through Wednesday (and Fridays) from 4pm until close. And while menu options change a lot, we have loved everything we’ve had here, including some wonderful pork, beef, and peanut gyoza we still occasionally think about when we’re bored. Whatever you encounter on the menu, it’s going to be great. Union Beer also has some patio seating in their backyard. It looks and feels like a proper Little Havana backyard, rooster inlcuded.

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The Maiz Project


Follow The Maiz Project On Instagram

The Maiz Project is an arepa pop-up that cooks up some really good Venezuelan heirloom corn arepas, stuffed with ingredients like shrimp, steak, chicken, and chorizo. They’ve popped up out front of J Wakefield (the unofficial capital of the Miami pop-up) before, and we’ve been lucky enough to try them there. The maize dough they use creates a thinner and crispier arepa - which makes it a much more manageable (and delicious) bar snack. Right now, they’re on the hunt for their next pop-up location, so follow them on Instagram for the latest intel.

Follow Drinking Pig BBQ ​On Instagram

Some of the best barbecue in South Florida right now is being served from a North Miami front yard. Drinking Pig BBQ, which is open Fri-Sun, has a massive smoker full of things you definitely want to eat. There are classic pork ribs, tender brisket, pulled pork, beautiful spice-rubbed chicken that looks like it just got out of the tanning salon, and a beef rib that might strain your bicep. There’s also cornbread, mac and cheese, and collard greens - all of which are outstanding. They accept orders online, which you can place in advance for a pick up on a specific day. You should do that as fast as your fingers will allow.

Follow Miami Slice On Instagram

Miami Slice has very limited hours and doesn’t operate like a normal pizza shop, so we’re going to stick them in the pop-up category. Plus, we just think you should know about this place, because their pizza is outstanding. The takeout-only spot in Midtown is open Friday through Sunday, and you have to pre-order your pizza for a specific time slot in advance. And for all this effort you will be rewarded with a truly outstanding pizza, especially if you’re into thin, foldable NY-style slices with incredibly crispy crust. The pies are huge, can feed about three people, and you can order them with half-and-half toppings. We tried the salsera pie - a vodka and marinara pizza with a psychedelic swirl of pesto. It was so good, and we really cannot stress enough how beautifully crispy the crust is.

Follow Hungry Yokai ​On Instagram

Hungry Yokai is a pop-up that does occasional in-person events and also offers gyoza take-home kits for pick up. The menu rotates a lot, but you can expect mostly gyoza and a new Japanese style curry they just added to their menu. They post their pre-order form in their Instagram bio (and there are also cooking instruction in their story highlights).

Follow LuchaDough On Instagram

LuchaDough is a traveling pop-up that specializes in donuts. Options rotate, but they serve versions topped with bacon, ones filled with guava cream cheese, and we’ve also seen them do some classic glazed too. They also have a pro wrestling theme, which means they sometimes arrange their donuts in a mini wrestling ring, and photograph them next to little wrestling action figures. They travel around a bit, but you can find them mainly rotating between Lincoln’s Beard Brewing and Unbranded Brewing on the weekends.

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