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The Miami Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In Miami

The best new restaurants in Miami.

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Keeping up with new restaurants in Miami is harder than trying to censor a Trick Daddy and Trina song. Places have a tendency to all open during the same week in December and then half of them close before you even get a chance to decide whether or not you like their wallpaper.

The Infatuation Miami’s Hit List is our way of helping you keep track of the new restaurants that are actually worth your time. This isn’t just a catch-all list of every place that’s opened up recently. We’ve actually been to these restaurants, and plenty of others that we’ve decided to leave off this list.

The Hit List is our record of every restaurant that opened in the past year that we’d highly recommend you try. This guide is sorted chronologically, so at the top you’ll find our latest entries to this list (the newest spots), and as you keep scrolling you’ll find the places that are on the older side - but are great enough that we still haven’t stopped talking about them.

New to The Hit List (as of 3/20/20): El Bagel and Nativo.

Some spots you might have heard about that didn’t make the cut: Intimo, Mila, Osaka, and Gitano.

The Spots

Tasty Planet

El Bagel

Cafe/Bakery  in  MiMo
$$$$ 6910 Biscayne Blvd

El Bagel’s opening week drew lines we haven’t seen since our last trip to Disney World or E11even. And the enthusiasm for Miami’s best bagels hasn’t slowed much since. The MiMo food-truck-turned-bagel-shop has some standing counter space, but it’s mostly just room to wait patiently in line for one of eight incredible bagel sandwiches. We often struggle to decide between the King Guava, a salty/savory work of bagel art that includes guava jam, crispy potato sticks, and a fried egg - or the the EB Original with scallion, bacon, and a roasted jalapeno that gives off the perfect amount of heat. But whatever you get is going to be the best bagel in Miami, hands down.

Nativo Kitchen + Bar

$$$$ 1395 Brickell Ave

Brickell is filled with finance people who shake your hand a little too hard and upscale restaurants. We tend to avoid both - but not when the food is this good. We like everything we’ve had at Nativo, especially the Venezuelan spot’s crudo, where thinly-sliced fish gets showered tableside in a green apple vinaigrette that’s both sweet and a little tart. They also serve a meatless hallaca that somehow tastes like it’s filled with beef. The restaurant isn’t exactly cozy - it’s located inside a big hotel - but it also has a pretty nice waterfront view from the 25th floor. And even though it works better for winning over clients than a date, we’d still happily endure a painful handshake to come back here to eat that hallaca again.

Karli Evans


$$$$ 3540 Main Hwy

This upscale Coconut Grove seafood spot comes from the same team as Ariete, and it’s right next door too, a pair of distinct yet successful siblings - kind of like the Gyllenhaals of Miami restaurants. And just like the fact that neither of them has won an Oscar, we can’t stop thinking about the uni they serve here, which comes with thick, fluffy slices of brioche. But pretty much everything on the menu is good enough to make us want to eat it all over again in five to seven days. Seafood is the main attraction, but there’s also pizza, pasta, and a snapper milanese that we'll be very sad if you don't order. There really aren’t any bad decisions here, just like the acting choices of Jake and Maggie.

Orilla Bar & Grill

$$$$ 426 Euclid Ave

This Argentinian restaurant is one of the best options in South Beach when you’re looking for something between take-out and take-out-a-loan, which is a small circle for this area. But Orilla is stylish enough to remind you that you are, in fact, in South Beach, and the outdoor seating along 5th Street is about as close as you want to get to eating on Ocean Drive. There are very tasty small plates like grilled pork sausage, jumbo prawns with grilled avocado, and arancini. You’ll be fine if you stick to those instead of the larger entrees, but the very good $18 wagyu cheeseburger is one of the best you’ll find in South Beach.

Emily Schindler

Ironside Bakery

$$$$ 7610 NE 4th Ct

Ironside Bakery is the perfect spot that we can never manage to think of when we’re trying to decide where to go for lunch. It’s right next to its consistently great sibling Ironside Pizza, but the food at the bakery is good enough to justify skipping the pizzas next door. The bread here is excellent, and they put it to delicious use in a small menu of toasts and sandwiches, like the smoked salmon on perfect, salty focaccia. The croissants and danishes underneath the display case should also be coming home with you.

Emily Schindler

Hometown Barbecue

BBQ  in  Allapattah
$$$$ 1200 NW 22nd St

Miami needed a place like Hometown BBQ - partially because we’re lacking in excellent barbecue options and also because we’re very tired of restaurants opening up in the same three neighborhoods. Hometown BBQ filled both voids by bringing us incredible brisket, ribs, and very good tamarind-glazed chicken hearts to an Allapattah warehouse that’s unlike any dining room in the city.

Le Jardinier

$$$$ 151 NE 41st St

If the Star Trek Enterprise had an exclusive, upscale restaurant onboard, it’d look a lot like this fancy French spot in the Design District. The food is every bit as stylish, and you honestly might feel a little bad dipping your fork into the pretty grilled tuna with eggplant, avocado, and chili oil - until you taste how good it is. This is one of the only places in Miami where you should actually ask to sit inside vs. outside because it’s not often you get to eat roasted lobster inside a restaurant from outer space.


Bar FoodSeafoodBar  in  Downtown
$$$$ 1600 NE 1st Ave

Esotico is a little shinier and cleaner than what we’re accustomed to in a tiki establishment, but the bar and restaurant just a little north of Downtown is still a very fun place to have a few seriously strong rum drinks. Get one with their tasty spiced almond syrup, and after that, you’ll be ready for the slightly random but good food. The ice for the “shaved ice leche de dragon” ceviche is shaved tableside via a steampunk-looking piece of machinery. There’s also an octopus hot dog - which are three words that probably should never be used consecutively - but it’s actually quite good and more of a lobster roll situation than an actual hot dog.

Emily Schindler

Boia De

$$$$ 5205 NE 2nd Ave

The pink neon exclamation point that hangs over Boi De’s front door pretty accurately sums up how we feel about this place. There’s just nowhere else in Miami that feels like this Buena Vista spot. Every detail of this very small Italian restaurant - from the beautiful black-and-white speckled countertops to the little glass shell they give you to deposit your empty baked clams (which you should absolutely order) - seems like it was obsessed over. The result is a delicious, adorable restaurant that feels like one of those handmade gifts you get on your birthday that unexpectedly makes you sob into a slice of cake.

Justin Namon

Stephen's Delicatessen

SandwichesDeli  in  Hialeah
$$$$ 1000 E 16th St

Stephen’s Deli first opened in Hialeah in 1954, but we put it on the Hit List because it’s recently been taken over and reopened by the team behind Kush and Lokal. And they really nailed the renovation of this classic Jewish deli. Stephen’s still looks and feels much like (we assume) it did in 1954, and you can still order the delicious pastrami sandwich that made them a hit in the first place. But there are plenty of new touches that make this place feel fresh: an entirely new selection of sandwiches named after sitcom characters (get The Rachel), egg creams with whiskey, and a new cocktail bar in the back that’s a tongue-in-cheek ode to all things Hialeah with drinks named “Pata Sucia” and “Nooo Que Bueno.”

Tigertail & Mary

$$$$ 3321 Mary St

Tigertail + Mary has one of the biggest lunch crowds we’ve ever seen. This is partially thanks to it being in walking distance from most of Coconut Grove’s many offices, but also because this is a place you want to eat when the sun is out out since the floor-to-ceiling windows really allow the natural light to hit every inch of this big dining room. Order the great roasted sunchokes or the peaches with whipped ricotta, ham, basil, and pistachio. Pizza here is a good call too since Tigertail is run by the team behind Harry’s.

Caja Caliente

$$$$ 808 Ponce de Leon Blvd

This is the first brick and mortar location of Caja Caliente, which started as a food truck serving “Cuban tacos” in Edgewater. Their Coral Gables location has pretty much everything people loved about that truck with much better AC and a bar. The tacos are still the tastiest things here - especially the crispy gator and lechon versions - but they’re so big you really only need to order one. Just make sure to get an order of the mahi-mahi empanadas or whatever round little croqueta they happen to be serving that day too.

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