The Best Places For Frozen Drinks In Miami

It’s the alcohol equivalent of a strong air conditioner.

There are certain months in Miami where it’s so hot that it feels like the air is mad at you. Luckily, the inventive citizens of South Florida have devised methods to make living in such conditions bearable. And one of those methods is frozen drinks. It’s brilliant, really. The alcohol makes you not mind the fact that it’s 700 degrees out, and the frozen-ness helps cool you off. And here are our favorite places to enjoy these genius inventions in Miami.

The Spots

There are things we expect when we go to Over Under in Downtown: we’ll probably eat a cheeseburger, the music will be good, and we will consume at least one frozen drink. This place does them better than almost anyone in town. Our favorite is the frozen muscle relaxer, which comes in four different levels of strength. They also have a frozen paloma and frozen Irish coffee, which taste good, if you can still taste anything after a level four frozen muscle relaxer.

You know what we did not expect to find at Cote, an upscale Korean steakhouse in the Design District? A phenomenal frozen drink. But this fantastic restaurant has two - a very pink frosé and the “mutiny” with tequila, cocchi americano, coconut water, green tea, and lime. We drank the mutiny when we visited, and it might be...the best frozen drink we’ve ever had? It is the absolute perfect consistency, like fresh snow, and every sip is like a little vacation to an island where wagyu and tequila grows on trees. Cote does have a bar where you can just come to drink, although you should book an actual table eventually because it’s one of the best steak experiences in Miami.

If you’re trying to eat and drink next to the water in Coconut Grove, the answer is pretty much always Monty’s. And if you want those drinks to be frozen, the answer is definitely Monty’s. This big, outdoor seafood restaurant/tiki hut has seven frozen drink options, including classics like the piña colada, rum runner, and the Miami vice (which is a mixture of both). Happy Hour here (Mon-Fri from 4-7pm) is a good call if you want those frozen drinks to cost $6, which you do, because you’ll probably have three.

Gramps, one of our favorite places to drink in Wynwood, has several frozen options. There’s a frozen margarita, frozen Paloma, and a frozen yacht tea with Wray & Nephew rum, lemon juice, and iced tea. And all of the above go great with a slice from Gramps in-house pizza stand.

Casa Florida is a great choice when you’re in the mood to drink outside. They’ve got lots of outdoor seating and it’s usually quiet enough to bring a date or have a conversation. Their cocktails are very good, and they have several frozen options, including the very good Pink Flamingo, which is made with rum, coconut, pineapple, and hibiscus. They also have a frozen sangria, and mimosa - all of which are just top-notch day drinking options.

If you, like us, are always in the mood for a frozen margarita, then go to Bodega in South Beach. They have them, they’re good, and you can also order some pretty good tacos to go along with it. If you’re trying to keep it casual, stick to day-drinking here. At night, this place can get packed thanks to the club in the back of the space.

Sweet Liberty doesn’t have a ton of frozen options (there are two on their current cocktail menu). However, this excellent South Beach bar does have one of the best frozen drinks in the whole city: their piña colada. It is the piña colada all other piña coladas should aspire to be. They do a lot of great things in this cocktail, but what sets it apart is the Jamaican coffee they grind up in the drink. It gives the whole thing a subtle coffee flavor that really compliments all the other flavors, and is the reason we usually order about three more.

Wynwood’s Dogfish Head Brewery usually has one or two frozen beer concoctions, and boy do they taste good on a very hot day. We tried one called the SeaQuench Lime Slushi, and it’s a great frozen blend of beer, sugar, and lime that will briefly make you forget it’s five million degrees outside. This place used to be Concrete Beach Brewery, and it looks almost the same except for a new paint job. But it’s still a great choice to grab some beers with friends or an after-work drink with coworkers.

Taurus is a historic bar in Coconut Grove with outdoor and indoor seating, very good bar food, and some tasty cocktails. Among those tasty cocktails you’ll find a couple frozen options. Currently, they’ve got a frozen mango smash (bourbon, mango, and tea) as well as a frozen “peni-chillin” (scotch, honey, ginger, lemon). But Taurus usually keeps their food and drink options rotating, so don’t be surprised if the menu has changed during your visit. The good news, though, is that we’ve never had a bad drink or meal here, so whatever they’re serving that day, it’s going to be good.

Shuckers is one of the few waterfront restaurants in Miami where the prime views don’t come with incessant house music and $300 bottles of rosé whizzing by your head. It’s casual, and the food here is what you want in a breezy raw bar. They have good wings, oysters, and a handful of frozen drinks with no shortage of rum in them. But the best part of Shuckers is its wide-open view of Biscayne Bay.

If you care more about the view than the drinks, then Watr might be what you’re looking for. The food and drinks here aren’t particularly memorable, but this place (which is located on the roof of the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach) has an absolutely fantastic 360-degree view of the beach, which you can enjoy even from the bathrooms. They also have frosé and a frozen piña colada, which will give you something to sip while you take in the view.

Frozen beers are fun, and we heartily endorse ordering them whenever the temperature climbs above 80 degrees. There aren’t a ton of places who serve them in Miami, but the Wynwood ramen spot Momosan does. The beer drink isn’t frozen, in case you’ve never had one. It’s more like a frozen head of foam. But it’s refreshing (especially in the summer), kind of looks cartoonish like something Homer Simpson would drink, and it’s a good way to prevent excessive sweating.

If fried chicken and frozen drinks sound like one hell of an afternoon to you, go to Le Chick in Wynwood. We generally have good meals here, and quite enjoy Le Chick’s burger and fried chicken sandwich. Their frozen drink options include a margarita, piña colada, and frosé - and their outdoor seating is shaded too, so it won’t melt too fast.

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