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Remember in middle school when you saw Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair make out under the tree in Cruel Intentions? Or when ghost boy Devon Sawa descended the staircase at the end of Casper into Christina Ricci’s unlikeable arms? Of course you do. These were very special moments for all of our special, sweaty 14-year-old selves.

Now, we’re not saying eating at Jon & Vinny’s will cause childhood sexual awakenings. But if it does, you heard it here first. Pizza has long been considered the #1 food for humans and when put in the caring hands of LA’s most prolific restaurant duo, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, assume spectacular things will be happening inside your mouth.

And yet Jon & Vinny’s is so much more than your neighborhood pizza place. In fact, it’s full of weird sh*t. There’s a secret little wine shop tucked away in the back, they open every day at 8am for breakfast, and the interior looks more like a co-ed thermal sauna in Reykjavik than an Italian restaurant on Fairfax. But when you’re serving the best modern Italian food in the city, you do whatever you damn please.

Jon & Vinny’s doesn’t have a disappointing thing on its menu, but the pizza and pastas are the obvious stars here. Oh, and the meatballs? They might be the best in Los Angeles. The place is tiny and the dinner crowd can get tenacious, so we’d advise hitting it before the nighttime rush, or during lunch. (Or just do curbside pick-up because that’s a thing and god is real.) They also serve an excellent breakfast - although it doesn’t involve pizza or pasta.

When Jon & Vinny’s opened, its casual setup and top-notch Italian food was a game-changer in this city. And after a few years in, it’s still every bit as good. So now it’s up to you to get in there and experience it for yourself. Just keep it in your pants.

Food Rundown

Olives And Spicy Pecorino

It’s not gonna jump off the menu but there’s no better way to get ready for your Italian destiny in the coming hour.

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LA Woman

A menu item best ordered aloud while swiveling your head and waving your finger at your waiter (don’t actually do that), this is the best pizza at Jon & Vinny’s and you can thank the burrata. Actually, let’s take a moment to thank burrata in general.

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“White Lightning”

A top 3 name for your hypothetical pet sloth or the ricotta-filled dream boat pizza currently being served at Jon & Vinny’s. Not mad about the pickled jalapeños on top either.

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This is just simplicity at its finest and something we could eat an entire vat of in our sleep.

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Order two. One for you and one for the person you want to become after eating said meatballs.

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Burrata With Basil And White Peach

Because we told you to.

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Hass Avocado Toast

Only served on the breakfast menu, this avocado bed of sex lies on top of the most perfect slice of crispy ciabatta, drenched in olive oil. A must order for early risers.

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Olive Oil Fried Egg BLT

This is drippy and gooey and crunchy and savory and everything that god intended a breakfast sandwich to be.

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