“Where Can I Be Sexy And Eat Fries By Myself?”

6 restaurants that are as captivating as you are <3.
“Where Can I Be Sexy And Eat Fries By Myself?” image

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Minds across New York’s City’s five boroughs exploded when our NYC Senior Staff Writer, Hannah Albertine, finally answered a reader’s question: “Where can I be sexy and eat fries by myself?”

When the guide flew into our inbox on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, it was like an angel had descended from heaven, just to give us a kiss on the forehead. A part of her ongoing series, Dear Hannah: A Restaurant Advice Column, the reader’s question was as follows:

”Dear Hannah,

I’m an introvert who resents the culture of needing to go out with others to have a lovely evening. I also have a closet full of beautiful evening gowns and dresses that I never have an occasion to wear. Where can I go to dress up, be sexy, have a cocktail, and maybe a plate of fries by myself?

Thanks,All By My Lonesome

It’s a query that’s both daring yet extraordinarily simple. “Can you just… ask that?” we mumbled to ourselves while blankly staring at the computer. Apparently, yes. So, we created our own version of the guide, applicable to Los Angeles: 6 Spots Where You Can Be Sexy & Eat Fries By Yourself In LA. Go forth.

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Dear Hannah: A Restaurant Advice Column

The Solo Spots



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Scientists still don’t understand the exact machinations behind it, but French food seems almost tailor-made to be consumed sexily. It must have something to do with butter. This tiny hallway of a restaurant in Hollywood has everything you need for a nuit érotique - dim lighting, close quarters, and gloriously crispy frites. Maybe you’re wearing a slinky black outfit. Perhaps there’s a beret at play. Either way, you should probably watch this clip from An Extremely Goofy Movie to prepare.

Step one, find your best sexy picnic outfit. Whether that’s a ball gown, Big Bud Press jumpsuit, or just something gingham, it’s imperative to look your hottest right now. Then, head to Alta Adams, a wonderful Southern restaurant in West Adams with an outdoor seating area that feels like a private backyard barbecue. Of course, there are other things on the menu, besides their fries rubbed with BBQ spices (like a honeydew melon bellini), that are worth your time, but you’re not here for that. You’re here to wear sunglasses at night and leaf through a book that’ll make you look sophisticated.

Anyone who says you can’t be alluring while eating matzo ball soup in the middle of a warehouse in Santa Monica has obviously never been to Birdie G’s. One of our Best New Restaurants of 2019, you’ll find piping hot plates of fries served with aioli among fermented relish trays and Southern-style kugel.

Being sexy at this Hollywood bistro restaurant is almost too easy. Art deco interiors crammed with groups of friends slamming martinis? Friendly servers who do that thing where they genuinely seem to be flirting with you? (They’re not.) Proven aphrodisiacs like oysters, steak tartare, and impeccably made fries? What is this, a Hallmark movie? Because this sh*t almost writes itself.

Cocktails infused with ghost peppers? Easy to get into? Kogi tacos, quesadillas, and sliders on the premises? Alibi Room in Culver City isn’t just a great bar - it’s like someone crawled into our brains and extracted all the things we hold dearest to our hearts. The vibe in here is definitely apropos for a sexy solo night, lights are dim, tables are hidden away in corners, and no one will notice if you just check your Twitter the entire night.

This spot is Permanently Closed.

Deep golden in color, as if they were touched by Midas, the fries at Bicyclette are sheer, utter perfection. The cozy subterranean restaurant (run by the Los Angeles power duo behind Republique) is a traditional French bistro in every sense of the word. The focus here is on French home-style cooking, so in addition to the excellent frites, think dishes like crusty baguettes and caramelized onion tartes. Soft chatter fades into the background, a waiter drops a raspberry gin cocktail at your table.

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